We took a train to Philadelphia. We found a conductor who pointed us to a hotel where we could find more information. We were told to meet at a tavern at night. We went there and I tried to find some information around town. I had this genius idea that I would look to purchase property and find some information that way. I only found a man named Ervin with little to tell me. We made our way to the street after no one showed up and found a man running from us. We caught up and he told us of the Hellfire club. He spoke of important and powerful people being a part of this but no one knew who was in the club.

I found my way to Monk hall and was chased away by an police officer. I hid further down the street to see who was coming and going. A large ugly man stepped out from the house and spoke with the officer pointing directly at me hiding in the shadows over a block away. I escaped to tell the rest of this information. We found out that there were suppliers to Monk hall for parties. Everyone took their leads and I was left with the liquor store. When I arrived the store's door was wide open and appeared deserted. After no one answered my call I moved to the back room where a man was on the floor. He appeared to be dead. I quickly took the keys and his wallet and locked up the store. I made it look like a robbery and ran back to the group to try and get help.

Alexandria and I went back to the liquor store to go over the books and whatnot to find clues of who and how they were supplying the hall. Just then a police officer knocked on the door. We waited not knowing what to do. I had never been encountered by the police so I was without a clue. The knocking then came from the back door and Alexandria opened it. She claimed to be the niece of the dead man and that he was missing. The officer asked us back to the station for questioning. I had a conversation with this annoying man and was held under suspicion of the disappearance of the old man. We had no idea what we should do.

I nearly escaped from the cell when we found the others outside the police station. Soon enough Dan walked into the room and got our story. He vouched for us and we were released from the cells. We arrived back at the hotel to find our rooms ransacked and a strange man sitting in one of them with a chess set. I was trying to get into the club but the group gambled our ticket out of town. We all decided it was best to leave town yet Dan was focused on ridding the world of Haddo. With the night through we left on the first train.

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