I Scream the Body Electric
By Elise LeBlanc
Pittsburgh, January 16th, 1899

Life is a struggle. Mankind, with all our whiz bang contraptions and the wonderful miracles we achieve everyday now as we look to the future and build marvelous machines to take us from California to New York and back, telegraph machines to speak nearly across the globe, and all forms of other truly awesome achievements we have invented, are hindered at the end by the same thing, death. Well, death and taxes. But the latter is for another journalist to wax poetic about.
But what if we could stave off death, what if we could reverse it? Why are we prone to the entropy of our flesh when maybe we can slow and even stop it, with the miracles of science? That, my friends is a dangerous road to walk down. My colleagues and I were just witness to such unnatural horror that line of invention had caused. It is my theory that any such creature, brought back from the grave would be filled with such horror and rage at this unnatural act, that they would leash out and destroy everything in their path. Let me retell the story as it truly happened, to behold such atrocity.
My research into the elusive Bigfoot story had brought my partners and I to Pittsburgh, where we became embroiled in another issue, the threats that had been made to a certain German industrialist in the area. And while we were going to meet this man, we met a very curious journalist, who would not cease his line of questioning to us, as if he needed a story very badly. We went into the house, finding the back door hanging off of its hinges, only to find, to our dismay and horror, that the family had been brutally slaughtered, from Father to Mother to Daughter. What horror! Our investigations led to finding the house strangely electrified to the touch. We were perplexed, though this journalist we met, who was just standing around this house in a very suspicious way, invited us to witness a demonstration by the great Nikola Tesla. Curious as to how he would know about that, hrm?
So we went, curious to know more about this alternating current theory that Tesla was showing, as well as his electrical sparking machines. The demonstration quickly turned to madness. Someone, even perhaps this journalist we had met hungry for a sensationalist story, had somehow damaged the machine, causing great lighting strikes, killing the great Tesla himself, and knocking out, seeming to kill, but in truth only temporarily paralyzing one of my colleagues. I watched in horror as the giant broiling machine heated up to such a degree that the very earth began to melt and swallow it whole. I was entranced by this horror, and unable to keep my eyes from it. Eventually we were able to escape, though I was quite taken by the vapors at this hellhole unfit to be seen by the gentler gender.
At the hospital, our dear friend was pronounced dead, though what the doctors did not know, was that such a jolt only temporarily caused him to appear dead, and later that night he had awoken again and rejoined us, a little worse looking for wear, but quite healthy and whole.
Wishing to speak to someone about this electrical marvel we sought out another great inventor, Thomas Edison. What we did not know is that someone, another scientist, we think may have been named Frankenstein, who made have been in cahoots with this greedy journalist, has sent a monster to destroy Edison! This creature, a giant man, looked a dreadful fright! Pale and dead looking it appeared charged by electricity! This beast MUST have been the monster who had so brutally murdered that industrialist’s family! This electrical beast-man brought back from the grave by science flew into a rage and slaughtered Edison, then suddenly exploded, and blew up the room somehow! We barely escaped with our lives. I only fear that this monster and his villainous team-mate who dares calls himself a reporter are still out there, hunting and preying upon the weak with this monstrous undead flesh monster. I only hope there are no more victims to this science gone awry. The cycle of life and death is natural, and science should never tinker with such things, as the rage I saw in that beast’s eyes could only be the rage of being brought back to life.

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