The Electric Death

After a horrible battle with a cult lead by Salistra, we determined that she had been successful in resurrecting her patron Demon Astaroth. This demon now loose in the mortal realm posed a major threat to the world. With no leads we thought to seek out someone of great knowledge in the occult. Stephenson Hayes suggested that Mr. Temple in Pittsburgh was the highest member in la Lumiere he could think of. The group left for Pittsburgh right away. On the way there a man named Solomon Kane posed as a conductor, separated the train cars in motion, and asked for Gao. The group dispatched him readily and defused the dynamite without determining his purpose. We buried his body under stone and the train came back for us. Honus was not too helpful in aid to our troubles with Astaroth but quickly asked from help investigating strange goings on with a friend of his Otto Meijer. The group reluctantly agreed knowing there were more pressing matters. We met a reporter pursuing the scene. He joined us as we searched the house to find the Meijer’s dead, their daughter missing and strange electricity charging the house. Asking the reporter (Chris Collins) about electricity matters he recommended we speak to Nikola Tesla who was holding an event soon.
Elise reported the murder to the police followed by Chris. Honus instructed us to investigate the murder. We attended Teslas demonstration. It began to run out of control. I tried to read the machine to find the problem and saw that it was sabotaged but was killed. I was pulled back into the world briefly where I informed the group that it must have been Edison who I saw in the crowd that sabotaged Teslas machine. I latter came to in a laboratory in front of a detective named Fayt. There was a commotion and the group was chasing a boy. I followed warily. After going through the subway and catching the boy it was explained the Edison had resurrected me and I had some kind of angry rampage. Rushing to Elisions’ hotel to confront him the group, detective and boy where confronted with another hulking man protecting Edison. I bypassed him but Edison was unresponsive to my pleas. The hulking man suddenly viciously attacked Edison killing him. I tried to stop him but suddenly saw a lit stick of dynamite in his pocket. I grabbed at the dynamite and was thrown from the hotel balcony. With broken bones I realized I was not alive after all but animated. We spent some time at the hospital and an old employee of Alexandria joined us. After reading the journal of Frankenstein who was the hulking man Edison based his work off of, we learned that Edison revived Frankenstein with Galvanism. We searched found the teenage daughter in the house above the lab. Taking her the Honus we asked him if he would commune with Edison for answers. He agrees and told us he was disappointed in us for getting in the paper. The séance was very informative we learn of the Brotherhood of Alchemæ, The Stone, and Merlin’s involvement in the stone. From there we decided to ask Honus to Commune with Merlin seeing as we had his skull. Merlin was the founder of the stone. Merlin was also very informative telling me that the only power he knew of that could revive me was Excalibur but only the descendents of Arthur. Honus induced Fayt into la Lumière.

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