On the train to Pittsburgh our car was rigged with dynamite and we were detached from the train. The conductor tried to separate Gao from us but was defeated. I removed the dynamite from the train roof before the fuse made it to the explosives. Needless to say I kept the dynamite. When arriving in the city Honus Temple charged us with the task of finding the killer to a steel baron and his wife. We were joined by a rather bothersome reporter and not by choice. We found everything metal in the house was electrified. We learned that a man named, well the name is not important but he was involved in something that seemed related.

Elise took to distracting the reporter who wouldn't keep his mouth closed while we looked to more important matters. At the inventor's event, who I forget the name of, his electric generating device got out of control and started hitting people with lightning bolts. I looked over the device and found it to be sabotaged just as John tried to stop it and was shocked. The inventor was killed by it and John was on the ground unable to move. I shot at the machine to stop it and it went more out of control. The floor collapsed below the device and it finally stopped. Something bizarre happened with the cat that accompanies Gao and it tried to revive John but was unable.

That night there was a startling thud that awoke me from a deep sleep and I ran to Gao's room. John was attacking people and I struck him with my sword then Elise pinned him to the ground. Honus exorcised John and while appearing alive he was unresponsive. We followed John's memories to the basement of a Frank Stein who ran a laboratory. I turned on a machine which sent John out of control. An investigator started questioning the group after following us from the last city. I left the basement to avert questioning and found a man trying to get in. I attempted to speak with him and put a field over the door to keep it shut. After the group burst through the door from the other side the man ran. He told us that Edison was doing an experiment. Edison, a name I will never forget.

Edison was using John as revenge against the "Brotherhood". We went to confront the man and there was a giant angry man or beast, I'm still unsure which, that attacked the group. The monster then turned on Edison killing him then refocusing on the group. After sneaking into the woman's room next door I snuck into the room and placed a lit piece of dynamite in the beast's pocket. It threw John off the balcony and we ran from the explosion. Elise and the detective were not so lucky. The reporter found us and heard the explosion. Elise tried to distract him with her injuries to keep him from asking questions. Honus told me that as a result of my actions we were in newspapers and well known.

Back at the laboratory we searched the rest of the house and found the steel man's daughter who was kidnapped by the beastly man. Two women were following us around the city. We learned more about the brotherhood from some other inventions man and were lead to a way that we could possibly bring John back. That pointed us to Washington where a sword was on exhibit.

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