I awoke on the morning of Feburary 1st to find Joseph Blenk lying in my bed. How the smell of this awful man did not awaken me sooner I do not know. After pushing him to the floor I allowed him the honor of speaking to me. He was apologetic but I did not care. He had information about our friend Katarina who had gone off with some officials from the Vatican. They were not as they appeared and Blenk wanted to warn me that she was in trouble. I told him to leave at once and that I would not continue to tolerate his behavior and obsession with me.
Once I had given the other Blenk’s information we decided to first make sure Ward was truly dead and searched his property once more. While there Gao had a vision of Katarina and we realized she might be in grave danger. We set off immediately for Rhode Island.
We broke into the train station where Katarina was supposed to have been taken to. Inside we were attacked by 2 men in black cloaks. While the others were fighting I tried to read their minds. They said something about an orphan being killed and I thought that they may have been referring to Katatina. In the back of the room I found some sort of alter with a dead eagle on it. I destroyed their work hoping it would have some effect on them but they did not seem to care. After they were killed Elise sealed the train station shut with rock.
Next we went to the local church to find out more about the religious people in this area. I chose to remain outside. I am sure the others were fine talking to another priest without me. I snuck into the back of the church and found this priest’s office. He had letters about us from Celio Perisi. I pocketed these to show the others. Obviously this man could not be trusted.
We learned about the death of some animals on a farm and decided we must investigate. At the farm we scared the owner and nearly got ourselves killed by him as we tried to talk our way out of it. Eventually we won him over and he showed us his ox that had been drained of blood.
Our La Lumiere contact Stevenson Hayes helped us realize the final piece of the puzzle. The 4 disciples were correlated with specific animals including an eagle and an ox. All that was left was a lion and an angel. This must be the reason that Katarina was taken.
We traveled to a zoological park to see if we could rescue the lion in time. The cultists were already there and the fight lasted too long to save the lion. Afterwards I was able to remove the cultist’s black web from the lioness and her cub. Aiden Kane had appeared and told us he was there to defeat the darkling Salistra. She was the one who had Katarina. The Kane was on our side I still do not believe him to be a good man.
Back at the church we found Salistra ready to sacrifice the angel Rachael. Surrounding them were people we know on high pedestals over flames. All of us spread out trying to save everyone that we could. It was all in vain because Salistra managed to kill Rachael. This would bring back her father, Astharoth. Katarina and Maretti were the only other survivors. Stunned at our loss we took the bodies to Stevenson Hayes in hopes he could help us with the mess that we had not contained.

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