Lions and Cultists and Demons, Oh My!
By Elise LeBlanc
Providence, January 14, 1899
I fear there is a dark demonic presence lurking about the streets and alleyways of Providence, Rhode Island. My compatriots and I were investigating a lead that we had, some odd occurrence involving the mutilation of animals. Was this the work of the ever fabled Chupacabra? Maybe even the elusive and dastardly Bigfoot of northern tale? Or was some even darker, more horrific fiend at work?
It turns out that these mutilations were done not by mysterious beast, or mythological creature, but, by what I dare to use this name in print- cultists. Cultists in league with dark forces! People of Providence, there lies amongst you horrible men and women who seek not the good and light path, but one much darker, and evil. Fear these people, for they are not your friend. What we witnessed should not be witnessed in the light of day by any god fearing man or woman.
For when we tracked down this group of vile cultists, at the zoo, they had killed and drained a poor innocent lioness, robbed her of her life, for we were too late to chase away these monsters. We quickly gave chase and found them at their lair, were they began a ritual most foul. We did everything in our power to stop it, even I had to raise my trusty pistol to fire warning shots above their heads to make them flee! I, a gentle woman, to take such measures! But alas, we were too late, and our measures dreadfully too small to stop the mechanism of evil put in place by these monsters in human form.
Fear, gentle readers, for what I write may put you off your ease. What we saw emerge from the ritual was far, far beyond any nightmare which you dare not speak in the light of day. This thing, they called most assuredly from the pit, I hope you may never face it in all your days. A DEMON!
Massive in form and shape, a foul creature that left us in awe of its vileness and monstrosity, this thing attacked us, and we were forced, to save ourselves to flee the scene, though only after we were able to rescue some of the innocents that were to be sacrificed to this horrible thing from the beyond. What monstrosity! The horror!
The worst thing about that night….we do not know to where this monster fled. Is it stalking your street? Is it scratching on your windowpane, begging to be let in? For this I know, those who we rescued from its clutches were meant to be, if I dare write this, a snack. Lock your doors! Bar your windows! There is a demon about, and until the church is able to stop it, no man, woman or child in the streets of Providence is safe. Especially when you know not whose neighbor may be the very one who called it to your city, and to whom they may turn this demon against.

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