Summoning Astaroth

After awakening from the Dreamlands, Alexandria informed me that Father Joseph Blenk had informed her Katerina was in trouble in Rhode Island. Elise sent Vinny to check on Theresa per my request. We ransacked Curwen’s house and we left. The first thing we came to in providence was a train station we suspected Katerina was last seen. Investigating we found a secret area under the station. We were attacked by two cultists that commanded dark magic. One could summon swords of dark energy and the other could shroud his enemies in black flame. After dispatching them we found an altar where an eagle was sacrificed. I communed with Merlin at that altar who told me he would assist me in locating the Excalibur. As we left Elise sealed the entrance with stone. We came to a nearby church and I learned that impersonating a priest was dangerous business. After I bailed myself out of jail. Alexandria informed me she had found letter from Celio in the Head priests’ office in that church. This father Maretti had apparently lied to Elise about being Katarina’s father as well. We then decided to follow a led about a blood-drained farm animal. At the farm the farmer held us at gun-point briefly then led us to an Ox who had seen better days. Apparently the Ox had met the same fate as the eagle. We left for the library and found that the rituals were toward Astaroth. We then went to the La Lumiere contact who told us the rituals could be pertaining to the four evangelists take correlated to eagle, Ox, lion, and Angel. We then left for the Zoological park in search of a lion during heavy snow. We were attacked by an ape and I subdued it. We found a lion caught in black webbing and by a fluke I discovered Roderick Ushers experiments in creating items imbued with magic in his journal whilst trying to free it. We then found the cat sanctuary where we found two other cultists were performing a ritual. One of the cultists commanded black webbing and the other black ice. The Ice cultist impaled me with it. After defeating them Aidan showed up and told us he was also investigating and that he was next going to the church. He then left. At the church we found the leader of the cult: a darkling Salistra. In retrospect she was trying to summon her father Astaroth. She seemed to command many powers such as teleportation, black lightening and telekinesis. She was very powerful. Two other cultists were with her one summoned black acid and the other was very strong and summon dark armor. This ritual included: Katerina Petrovich, Joseph Blenk, Father Maretti, Aidan, and an altar boy suspending above magical flames as the angel Rachael was pinned in the center of a pentagram. I tried to tear Rachael free but was not fast enough. Salistra completed the ritual and escaped killing Joseph Blenk, Aidan, Rachael, and the altar boy. She seemed to successfully summon Astaroth. We sent Katerina to the Vatican to report Aidan's death and warn them of Astaroth’s entrance to this plane. With La Lumière contact Stephenson Hayes, I then decided to seek out Honus Temple of La Lumière in Pittsburgh for our next steps.

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