What do you know, drunk again. Thought I heard a woman scream this morning. We made off for Providence to find Katrania the nun formerly traveling with us. We found an old train station and found an old basement sealed up. Inside we battled two cultists, one with a whip and the other wielding magic black swords. The bloody git slashed my shirt with a whip and burnt me with some sort of fire, but twasn't fire more like ghost fire but black. Still burned like hell. After some time of fighting we snuffed 'em and moved on to find an altar.

We went to a nearby church where I noticed an altar boy with peculiar burns on his hand. After questioning him I found it was nothing more than a punishment for being out of line. Apparently John beat some old woman out the church and he heard a good what for from the priest. The police came and it was a big mess. Later on we heard about another sacrifice, this time a cow. At the farm a man came out of his house with a rifle aimed right at us. He ordered us into the basement and I attested. I tried talking sense into the man when he fired his gun narrowly missing. He found his sanity and explained what happened. We met with a contact who indicated the reason for these sacrifices and showed there was only two left, one being a lion.

We found a zoological park in the city that housed a lion. Unfortunately they were closed for the day due to the storm. Elise made a space in the rock wall for us to walk through and we searched the park. We were attacked by a wild gorilla what John took care of. We found the lion cage and a lioness encased in some sticky black goo. I walked to the back of the encasement and overheard two men speaking in another language. The same one as that git what tore my shirt. They noticed us and we had yet another tiff with some cultists. After putting them out of their misery we were met by Andy. Surprised to see 'im still alive. He told us of some evil plot involving Katrina's angel.

We found a group of people tied up in Moretti's church, I mentioned his name right? Chained in the middle was the angel and at the end was a crazy woman. John was pulling off her chains as the others were trying wildly to save and or hurt people. I put a barrier over the angel and John then attacked the crazy wench. She shot lightening at the angel and a couple of the burning baskets fell. The wench killed the angel and kept saying she won. Someone mentioned her being a demon spawn. Dan, the altar boy, and a priest were dead but the others survived. The brutes that were helping the wench ran off and John tried to follow but didn't see where they went. It seemed as though we lost this one. The crazy was going to the Vatican and Katrina left to warn them. Enough blood for one day, time for the next adventure.

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