Demons in Downtown DC!
As my traveling companions and I make our rounds of the eastern states of this great country, in search of the mysterious and supernatural, we rarely have the time to sit back and take in all that we have experienced. What does all of our adventures with the supernatural, from ghosts to zombies mean? Is this great country being invaded by monsters, horrible creatures we only dare imagine in the dark hours of the night, where we awake to a sweat, and a fear so great and unspeakable we cannot even breathe whisper of it in the light of day? I fear those that we consider myth, or mere superstition, may have more truth to it than we, in our enlightened age, are prepared to handle.
Take heart, faithful readers. I implore those with a weak heart, or with child, or gentle disposition to lay this paper down and do not look back, for what I write now will chill you to your very bone.
For our great nation, the mighty United States of America, may be in the grips of the most evil of evil itself. Not but a few days ago, whilst visiting our great White House, at a charitable ball, did I, and all the noble guests thereof, witness a foul being of red and black, and of awesome horrible monstrous wings attack. It attacked us while we were entering the ball, and I know that I will forever be scarred by the look that creature, it’s eyes afire and horns oily and covered in blood…I cannot describe the fear which overtook me, I’m not sure how I even survived. From the air this foul being attacked, and I alone was left to fend off this monster from afar. Luckily I was able to distract it by firing gun, which I save for only the most dire situations, into the air, and I fled. Where it went to, or how it came to be there in the first place, I can only guess.
The bigger question is, what is President William McKinley doing about this attack? Where was the military? I fear this plot may be deeper than a single attack. The fact that the beast did not ever make a move towards attacking the White House, or those within, that maybe things are far deeper and dangerous than even first experienced. Is this underworld creature in cahoots with those who walk the halls of Washington? Is there a secret coven of demon worshippers who walk freely within the soft carpets of the oval office? I hope that our dear President can find the strength to bring the fair city of Washington DC to the true and just light.
Human denizens of our great capital, lock your doors, wear your crucifixes, gather your holy water and be prepared, my friends, for the most unholy of unholy may be striding or rather, flying through your great streets. I can only hope that our great President will appeal to our priesthood, and help the church to clean Washington D.C.’s streets and once again make them safe for our children to walk down.

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