After arriving in Washington I was disturbed to find that Excalibur was stolen for the museum. Strangely enough the curator insisted we were already there. Feeling lost and hopelessly dead I followed Fayt to visit his boss and mother. His mom was confronted with strange women and the group decided to withdraw. Visiting our contact we found a telephone unguarded that rang as we entered the room. The mysterious voice told us to investigate thefts at the white house including the declaration of independence. After some recon at the white house we were confronted by two women with parasols who goaded Fayt into turning into a demon. They summoned dogs to attack us and we defeated them. They seemed to be toying with Fayt. They fled and so did we. I had read the wall in the white house and seen Celio which made no sense to me. We returned to find that fayt's mother was missing. We suspected the two strange women. Nothing seemed to make sense and my body seemed animated beyond my control which made me fall into a depression. Was I going mad?
I then realized that we had lost a day. After walking around the town we were out of ideas. The two mysterious women met us back at Fayt’s and led us into another dimension where his boss turned out to be the leader of a cult hunting him to unleash another demon and the contact we were taking orders from. Mr. Caution was trying to get Fayt to transform while inside this dimension to complete a ritual and summon a demon. Fayt resisted. Lawrence managed to defeat one of the parasol women and Elise and Alexandria dispersed the crowd watching. I got lost in another section of this dimension trying to return through the door we came in and found a dairy which when I returned taught Elise to make her own dimension. We fought and beat Mr. Caution. One of the women escaped. We found that there was a hypnotist that had stolen all our belongings. After trying to confront him we were hypnotized many times and sought against each other. Lawrence lost his memory and thought he was someone else. Finally we found another hypnotist by the name of Mrs. Mesmer to reverse the effects and learned to plug our ears to avoid his power. She came into Elise’s new dimension and helped Lawrence remember who he was. She made Fayt forget he was a demon. Using this we confront him to get our possessions back. Lawrence quickly wrapped a chain around this hypnotist’s neck and struggled with the idea of killing him. Finally the villain passed out and the slaves that were hypnotized were free. We found that Celio was under this hypnotist’s control and was stealing for him. Lawrence left the stolen goods at the police station with the villain bound in a wheelbarrow. While searching his warehouse a ball of light revived my body and a gauntlet was now on my hand. Finally I was alive again. We then decided to head to Salem.

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