In Washington we stayed at the apartment of the law man and I for some reason felt no need to sleep. I noticed him draw a strange chalk emblem on the floor and sleep in the center. He awoke angry with vicious nightmares, startled me a bit even with the drink. It was said to be a containment circle but for what we had no idea. We investigated at the museum to find the sword missing. The man running the show insisted we were there the previous day and that it was the day after the day we thought the day was. The contact in this city would not give a name or information or even show himself but at his residence had a phone box. It rang and a voice on it requested we investigate a robbery at the White House. The law man contacted his superior and was instructed the Independent declaration had been taken.
We visited a church to find the law, ehm, Fayt's mother. The two women we had seen before confronted Fayt in the church provoking him to fight. We fled the church for the White House. How fortunate we learned the event being held that night was for pompous Europeans, I fit right in. Alexandria entered with me and we quickly found that she knew a man working high office in the White House. He informed us of the details. There was an outburst of screaming in the room as we heard shouts of monsters outside. As I discovered my sword was gone I took to helping people escape whilst looking out for a thief. I made haste to find my sword back at Fayt's apartment to be left with nothing. I did my best to retrace steps and visited every bar in town.
I had come up empty handed until at one promising bar the keep had an inkling I had been there before. So as to not forget two nights I made a mess of myself and created a scene to grab attention that no one would forget. I found no lead as to the whereabouts of my sword. After meeting up again with the rest of the group we found many items to be missing from our persons. Back at Fayt's apartment the two women were there and took Fayt to see his father through a doorway to another world. It was red and foul smelling like death. The leader was our contact and the superior to Fayt's line of work. He attempted to bring out a demon inside of Fayt and was holding his mother hostage. Having my own mournful past with my mother I felt it necessary to see to her safety. I was attacked by a large bird and the crowd started to flee. Their evil leader was quickly bashed to a pulp by who I haven't a clue. One of the women who followed us turned up dead while the other ran. Elise found a way to restore a door back to the apartment.
After the indecent sidetrack I made a point to find my bloody sword. We used the phone box to get the address of Celio who for whatever reason was in town performing. We went to the address to find a performance house. A woman was at the front and as we entered the building we walked into Fayt's apartment. I knew exactly where that bar was across from the space, never forget a bar. We made way and I went to the back door hot headed and ready for a smashing. As I walked in I heard a voice over a tin speaker and suddenly just had to drink. I went to the bar across the street and couldn't stop myself. I took one swig and pushed myself back to the building. When I walked in something just overtook me and felt this need to kill all of my mates. I walked out the door and pointed the gun at Elise. I tried hard as I might not to but I fired that gun. Next thing I know I wake up in another world with some lady staring at me saying I had been hypnostitized. She told us what man was at fault and there was but one thought in my mind.
We made way into his facility plugging our ears to find a warehouse of items and boxes. He was taken down quickly and with nothing but fury and rage and I wrapped his neck with a chain and pulled. Alexandria talked me out of killing him but as punishment I cut out his tongue and left his barely living body in front of the police station. They took my sanity, my mother, and my life but they will not take my sword.

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