I think the time has finally come for me to take care of what needs to be taken care of. At this point, I feel more uncomfortable with these people than ever, and I am unable to wait any longer for the group to discover my past. Everywhere I go, I find myself trying to cover my tracks. Making sure that the group does not receive information about me, making sure we do not go someplace where I would be known... my God, what I did to Edgar. I hope he can forgive me. At the very least, Nann seems to know something and does not trust me. I need to make sure when the truth comes out, they are aware that I am not the same person I once was. And everywhere I turn, I feel like I am being monitored, like I have been identified as a potential threat that will eventually need to be eliminated.

And frankly, I do not believe that I could survive such a scenario around Elise LeBlanc. I watched her attack and nearly murder Sagesse because she thought she was a vampire and evil. She is so powerful that I do not think any force on the earth could take her down. It has been a privilege to adventure with a true legend, but if she was ever unsure whether I was a threat, I fear she would take me out without even giving a second thought, or at least lock me up inside the jail in her mansion. I don't know if eliminating Freddie Sykes and clearing my criminal history will be enough to make my name clean again, but it is what I believe to be my only option.

The La Lumiere headquarters is a marvelous place. The oracle has told me where to go to find Sykes. I wonder what else I could learn from it. I shall have to think about a question to ask in future. If I make it back alive, that is. I must go on this journey alone, I cannot risk the chance that Sykes gets involved.

On another note, I am still reeling from the effects of the charm of Miss LeDuece. My attraction to her was so strong, but I was foolish to think I stood a chance competing with the infamous Caleb Lonergan. Standing in that party full of famous people, he clearly was one of them. I was not, and I never will be. Maybe one day I will find love again, but it is hard to imagine what sort of woman would want a man like me. I lost my temper in that moment, and I think perhaps it nearly cost us all our lives. I must try harder to stop myself when I get like that. For the good of everyone.

Well, I suppose this wraps things up. I hope that I will continue this journal soon. If not, then it is likely that Freddie Sykes has gotten the best of me. But either way, when I come back from this journey, I feel like I will be clean again.

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