Please refer to How to Play for overall information about skill use in the game. At the bottom of this page, find groupings of skills into sets.


The ability to perform gymnastic feats including jumps, flips, bends, and contortions. Go »

Administration & Management

The ability to run part or all of a business or other organization, as well as knowledge of how businesses operate (useful when investigating money laundering or fraud)... Go »

Animal Training

The ability to teach and train animals with an intellect above that of instinctive insects. Go »


The ability to accurately shoot with a bow or crossbow. Go »


Knowledge of construction methods, architectural drafting, etc... Go »

Area Knowledge

Knowledge of the geography and people of an area... Go »


This skill represents a character's ability to work with a variety of materials to repair or produce useful or aesthetically pleasing objects. Go »

Biological Sciences

This field covers scientific knowledge of how living things function. Go »


The ability to safely operate a watercraft. Go »


The ability to open locks, quietly cut glass, et cetera. Go »


The ability to scale vertical surfaces with or without use of specialized climbing equipment. Go »

Controlled Breathing

This skill represents the ability to control respiratory functions in order to maximize breathing efficiency, to perform tricks such as "playing dead," or to stay underwater for lengthy periods of time. Go »


The ability to prepare tasty, visually appealing, and/or nutritious meals, and to find the best ingredients when shopping or scavenging. Go »

Cultural Arts

Knowledge of aspects of human culture (or another species' culture). Go »


The ability to set explosive charges without getting hurt in the process or inflicting undesired collateral damage... Go »


The ability to change one's personal appearance in an attempt to deceive others. Go »


The ability to operate a ground vehicle... Go »


This skill represents expertise at sharing complicated or unfamiliar knowledge with others... Go »


Exceptional talent at escaping from confinement, such as handcuffs and ropes tied from behind... Go »


The knowledge of polite, proper, and inoffensive behavior in social settings. Go »


The ability to accurately shoot with a hand-held firearm and to keep it properly maintained. Go »

Foreign Culture

Reflects knowledge of the history, religion, ethics, and lifestyle of foreign countries or cultures... Go »


The ability to counterfeit documents and papers. Go »


The ability to play various games and simulations well. Go »


The practiced art of relaxing a subject into a meditative trance... Go »


The ability to convince someone to provide information against their will... Go »


The ability to convincingly project a "tough" image... Go »


Reflects an aptitude for languages and their historical usage... Go »


This skill reflects knowledge of legal procedure and practice... Go »


The ability to perform feats of strength with minimal chance for injury... Go »

Lip Reading

The ability to determine what someone is saying without being able to hear them clearly... Go »


The ability to maintain, repair, or build mechanical devices... Go »


This skill reflects knowledge of how to heal the human body... Go »

Melee Attack

The ability to attack effectively with a hand-to-hand weapon. Go »

Melee Defense

The ability to defend well with a melee weapon... Go »

Military Sciences

The character has military-style tactical, staff, or leadership training... Go »


This skill pertains to the variety of forms of music... Go »


The ability to read maps or use specialized navigation equipment like a compass... Go »


Knowledge of the arcane and mystic arts, and their application in both historical and modern society. Go »

Performing Arts

The ability to perform well before an audience... Go »


The character is experienced at convincing other people to think something or do something that they normally wouldn't... Go »


This skill involves not just the ability to take a good photograph, but a knowledge of cameras, lenses, shutters, bulbs, developing, printing, and other aspects of photography... Go »

Physical Sciences

Scientific training in the way the universe works, including the necessary mathematical background. Go »


The ability to operate airborne vehicles... Go »


This skill represents the character's ability to recognize, concoct, apply, and neutralize a variety of poisons and toxins. Go »

Police Sciences

This is the science behind police work... Go »

Religious Customs

This provides the knowledge of religious dogma and ceremonial practice... Go »


This skill pertains to looking up information... Go »


This is the knowledge of how to care for a riding beast, how to saddle and mount and dismount the animal, how to get it to perform difficult or dangerous maneuvers safely and without balking, and how to best pace it for long-distance rides. Go »


A character with this skill is adept at exploiting his or her sex appeal... Go »

Sleight of Hand

A character with this skill (also known as prestidigitation) has superior manual dexterity, greater than that represented by his/her Body stat... Go »

Social Sciences

Understanding of the way that people function in society, as well as societal behavior patterns... Go »


The ability to play well in a sporting event with specialized rules, either as an individual or as a member of a team. Go »


The ability to disguise objects or people so that they blend into their surroundings... Go »

Street Sense

Regardless of the area, the ability to recognize elements of street activity... Go »


The character is skilled at swimming or diving... Go »

Thrown Weapons

Accurate throwing of weapons or objects to hit a target... Go »

Unarmed Attack

The ability to attack without weapons. Go »

Unarmed Defense

The ability to block unarmed or melee attacks with one's arms and legs, as well as to dodge effectively... Go »

Urban Tracking

Urban Tracking is the ability to "shadow" someone (or follow a vehicle in another vehicle) through an industrialized, populated area, or to find certain people in a particular sub-culture or environment by asking the right questions. Go »


The ability to speak without appearing to speak... Go »

Visual Arts

The ability to produce a work of fine or commercial art in a particular visual field. Go »

Wilderness Survival

The ability to find food and shelter in the outdoors, to avoid natural hazards, and to identify wild plants and animals. Go »

Wilderness Tracking

The ability to successfully trail or track someone or something while outdoors in a rural or wilderness setting. Go »


The ability to communicate ideas or emotions in a written work. Go »

Combat: Archery, Firearms, Melee Attack, Melee Defense, Thrown Weapons, Unarmed Attack, and Unarmed Defense

Miscellaneous: Administration & Management, Animal Training, Architecture, Artisan, Boating, Cooking, Cultural Arts, Driving, Foreign Culture, Gaming, Law, Mechanics, Medical, Military Sciences, Music, Occult, Performing Arts, Photography, Piloting, Police Sciences, Religious Customs, Riding, Visual Arts, and Writing

Nature: Area Knowledge, Biological Sciences, Navigation, Wilderness Survival, and Wilderness Tracking

Physical: Acrobatics, Climbing, Controlled Breathing, Lifting, Sports, and Swimming

Rogue: Burglary, Demolitions, Disguise, Escape, Forgery, Lip Reading, Poisons, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Street Sense, and Urban Tracking

Science: Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Research, and Social Sciences

Social: Disguise, Education, Etiquette, Hypnosis, Interrogation, Intimidation, Languages, Persuasion, Seduction, and Ventriloquism