The game's plot is divided into chapters. Click on any title to read a summary of each game session. You can also see the expanded description for all chapters. There are also Tales of the Red Death, isolated game sessions independent of the main storyline.

Chapter 1: Baltimore: Seven strangers worked together to escape the mad scientist who had exposed them to a dangerous force called the Red Death. They joined an investigative group called La Lumiére to learn more. [+]

Chapter 2: Philadelphia: La Lumiére assigned the group to infiltrate the headquarters of the Hellfire Club, an occult group that America's founding fathers had secretly joined. [+]

Chapter 3: New York: The theft of an ancient Egyptian mummy from a museum turned out to be the work of Elise's employer, news publisher William Randolph Hearst, trying to sell newspapers. [+]

Chapter 4: Boston: The ghost of Jack the Ripper was committing a murder spree on Boston's prostitutes. After laying the spirit to rest, the group met a coven of witches in Salem. [+]

Chapter 5: Arkham: After learning Lawrence's true identity, the group traveled to an insane asylum and later a dimension called the Dreamlands to rescue him and Alexandria from a power-hungry necromancer. [+]

Chapter 6: Providence: The human daughter of a demon performed an unholy ritual to summon him to Earth just before the group could stop her. [+]

Chapter 7: Pittsburgh: After John was killed in a sabotaged demonstration of Nikola Tesla's latest invention, the group found him resurrected via Thomas Edison's continuation of the experiments of Victor Frankenstein. [+]

Chapter 8: Washington: Fayt learned that a cult engineered his birth through a demonic ritual. Meanwhile, master hypnotist Svengali had robbed the group, forcing them to seek retribution. [+]

Chapter 9: Salem: When the evil wizard Zemlak was released from his centuries-old prison beneath Salem, the group traveled to his native realm, a medieval land called Ravenloft, to destroy him. [+]

Chapter 10: Oceanic: The group had several smaller adventures aboard the RMS Oceanic en route to London, including a battle with the Invisible Man. [+]

Chapter 11: London: Genius investigator Sherlock Holmes and criminal mastermind James Moriarty turned out to be one and the same, thanks to a serum created by Dr. Jekyll. This led to implications that Gao possessed a similar dark side. [+]

Chapter 12: Kitty Hawk: Assigned by La Lumiére to protect inventors Orville & Wilbur Wright, the group destroyed a Satanic wizard, but not before he tempted Lyon into briefly betraying them. [+]

Chapter 13: Dunwich: Searching for Lawrence's mother in a dreamlike dimension, the group learned about Alexandria's troubled childhood, and had to leave the two of them behind. [+]

Chapter 14: Sarasota: Fired by La Lumiére for earlier mistakes, the group was hired to find the Skunk Ape in the wetlands of Florida, and learned that the creature was engineered by evolutionary biologist Dr. Moreau. [+]

Chapter 15: Atlanta: Acting on a prophecy of Atlanta's destruction, the group confronted a genocidal mob of white supremacists. Caleb discovered that he had been a Civil War soldier in a previous life. [+]

Chapter 16: New Orleans: Seeking answers about Elise's magical origins, the group learned that her real father was a wicked voodoo sorcerer half-transformed into an alligator, and fought him to the death in the bayou to save the community. [+]

Chapter 17: Surrey: The exploration of a haunted house in Gant's hometown led to revelations from Gao's subconscious, including her real name and details about her dark side. [+]

Chapter 18: Paris: The group hired an assortment of thieves to help them break into La Lumière's underground vault, where they learned much of world history while seeking a precious artifact, the skull of Merlin. [+]

Chapter 19: San Francisco: An insurance investigation into a shipwreck in San Francisco Bay led the group into a deadly confrontation with Dracula. [+]

Chapter 20: Falls Run: A train wreck stranded the group in a wintry West Virginia mining town, where a bloodthirsty qabal had imprisoned duplicates of the original group. [+]

Chapter 21: Arles: The search for Sagesse's missing twin brother in their French hometown led the group back to ancient Roman times, where they changed history by defeating a doppelgänger impersonating the emperor. [+]

Chapter 22: Chicago: A reluctant deal with the devil drew the group into a holy war between agents of the Vatican and an anti-lich planning to open the gates of Heaven and Hell. [+]

Chapter 23: Flagstaff: In the wild west, the group was joined by gunslinger Deke and saloonkeeper Vic, who helped them track the strange events around town to a dimensional rift leading to the magical land of Oz. [+]

Chapter 24: The Crimson Castle: Seeking revenge against Elise, a sadistic cult trapped the group in a madhouse of death traps and obnoxious riddles. [+]

Chapter 25: Hong Kong: When Elijah turned on his former gang of thieves, the escalating conflict led the group into battle against master criminal Fu Manchu. [+]

Chapter 26: Vancouver: Pursuit of a dangerous inventor took the group into the snowy Yukon Territory, with new ally Nannuraluk as their guide. [+]

Chapter 27: Zurich: Sagesse's investigation into mutilated corpses led the group to a Pazuzu cult, while a sexy aristocrat lured Caleb into a deadly romance. [+]

Chapter 28: Sica Hollow: Seeking the missing Deke, the group discovered a poisoned forest and got caught between two genocidal factions of white supremacists and Native Americans. [+]

Chapter 29: Lima: The group ventured into the Peruvian jungle to slay one of the deadliest necromancers on Earth. [+]

Chapter 30: Atlantis: Dracula's attacks intensified, destroying La Lumiére and killing several people close to the group, as the group journeyed to several continents and the bottom of the ocean to find a weapon to slay Dracula. [+]

Chapter 31: Barovia: The group entered Dracula's dimension and explored his Gothic castle floor by floor, slaying his minions and eventually destroying the master vampire himself. [+]

Chapter 32: Cairo: After accepting Imhotep's invitation to slay other demi-lords like Dracula, the group discovered his true agenda: He was seeking omnipotence as Earth's reigning demi-lord. [+]

Chapter 33: The Time Machine: Stuck in Earth's past in a broken time machine, the group had to explore different settings to find ways home. [+]

Chapter 34: Florence: The group teamed up with Renaissance-era qabal the Phoenix in order to defeat the villainous Machiavelli. [+]

Chapter 35: Krakatoa: Split in two inside a volcano shortly before it exploded, the group discovered Gao's origin and put a final stop to a cult that had tormented her. [+]

Chapter 36: Berlin: A conflict erupted over Caleb, between the organization trying to kill him for having supernatural powers, and the religious cult that he discovered was worshipping him. [+]

Chapter 37: Versailles: Hired to steal back a famous painting, Deke and the Thieves Guild faced a powerful enemy who could control them at will. [+]

Chapter 38: Alexandria: While dealing with Sagesse's loved ones, the group made contact with the Lost Kingdom, a society of mystic adepts who taught them how they could defeat Imhotep. [+]

Chapter 39: The Kingdom of Zemlak: Elise's connection to the heart of Zemlak made her vulnerable to manipulation by evil wizard Oliver Haddo. [+]

Chapter 40: Grover's Mill: A conqueror named Matai Shang attacked Earth, forcing the group to travel to Mars to fight back, and leading to revelations about Gant. [+]

Chapter 41: San Jose: Trapped in a sprawling mansion with moving rooms drawn from their own past, the group had to find and defeat Imhotep and the Red Death once and for all. [+]