Jackie Mason | April 6, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Erik Bates | April 6, 2008



K U!

Erik Bates | April 8, 2008
Holy hell that was an amazing game.

I am in love with Mario Chalmers right now.


I'll have his babies.

Steve Dunn | April 8, 2008
I freaked when he hit that 3 to tie it in regulation.

Memphis fans must be contemplating mass suicide. They were sooooo close. That 3 that was converted to a 2? All those missed free throws down the stretch? Ooof.

As for me, I'm just glad it was a good game and I'm happy for Kansas. They beat UNC (which made me happy, though not my wife) and now they get the championship that Roy could never deliver. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Jackie Mason | April 9, 2008
[hidden by author request]

Amy Austin | April 9, 2008
Ha! (Sorry, Jackie... ;-))

Erik Bates | April 9, 2008
Talk about the Sooners
The Cowboys and the Buffs,
Talk about the Tiger and his tail,
Talk about the Wildcats,
and those Cornhuskin' boys, But I'm the bird to make 'em weep and wail.

'Cause I'm a Jay, Jay,
Jay, Jay, Jayhawk,
Up at Lawrence on the Kaw
'Cause I'm a Jay, Jay,
Jay, Jay, Jayhawk,
With a sis-boom, hip hoorah.
Got a bill that's big enough
To twist the Tiger's tail
Husk some corn and listen
To the Cornhusker's wail-
'Cause I'm a Jay, Jay,
Jay, Jay, Jayhawk,
Riding on a Kansas gale.

Erik Bates | April 14, 2008
Hey everyone.

Remember last week when Kansas won the national championship?

That was cool.

Steve Dunn | April 17, 2008
Hey, does anyone here know who the current NCAA men's basketball champion is? I don't have time to Google it. Thanks in advance!

Steve West | April 17, 2008
Ummmm...Wassamatta U?

Aaron Shurtleff | April 17, 2008
I know it's not the Gators, finally! :P

Amy Austin | April 17, 2008
Oh, hell, no... have I been hating on the Dawgs lately? NO!

Erik... love the new photo -- you totally remind me of Ralphie May!!!

(Tell me it ain't true...)

click photo to zoom

Erik Bates | April 17, 2008
Hey Steve,
I think it's Kansas. Not real sure, though.

Oh my. I don't know if I want to remind people of Ralphie.

Tony Peters | April 17, 2008
don't be a Gator hater

Amy Austin | April 18, 2008
Ralphie's cool!

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