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Welcome to the wiki for Gothic Earth, a tabletop RPG run by Scott Hardie in Bradenton, Florida. The main site for the game is at Funeratic, Scott's web site. All player characters and rules of the game are detailed at length there.

The purpose of this wiki is to record all information about the game's complicated mythology as it grows over time, so that the players have a place to look up references. All current players are invited to add any information they like, in any format they like, although some formatting standards have emerged. Help is available.

Newest Content

March 2016: Up the Down Staircase

February 2016: Dead and Buried, All That We Can Rightly Depend On, Wandering Encounters

January 2016: Blood on the Vine, Carnival

December 2015: Major Arcana, Let's Kill Dracula

November 2015: Alone Together, A Fire in the Belly, Critical Hits

October 2015: Voyage of the Damned

September 2015: There I Recognize No Master, Nautilus, Requiescat in Pace

August 2015: Fire and Vice, Stabilimentum

June 2015: A Dim-Remembered Story of the Old Time Entombed

May 2015: Meltdown, Pyramid Scheme

April 2015: Terribilis est locus iste, Place of Death


current: Elise LeBlanc, Gao, Caleb Lonergan, Sagesse la Roque, Nannuraluk, Marmaduke

former: Aidan Kane, Celio Parisi, Jacques LeBeau, Katerina Petrovich, John Sheppard, Fayt Leigngod, Alexandria Knight, Lawrence Tate, Lyon Omen, Elijah Ivy, Vic Breslin, Gant Harrington, Deke Bishop

other: all PCs, NPCs


current: Barovia

former: Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Arkham, Providence, Pittsburgh, Washington, Salem, Oceanic, London, Kitty Hawk, Dunwich, Sarasota, Atlanta, New Orleans, Surrey, Paris, San Francisco, Falls Run, Arles, Chicago, Flagstaff, The Crimson Castle, Hong Kong, Vancouver, Zurich, Sica Hollow, Lima, Atlantis

other: Tales of the Red Death, Game Sessions

Other Topics

Game Concepts, Players, 1899 Calendar, Map, Unsolved Mysteries, Recurring Characters, Focal Characters, The History of Gothic Earth

La Lumière, Nautilus, The Manor


articles by: Amanda Ross Bryant, Justin Conner, Kelly Hardie, Nathan Quam, Raquel Hartzell, Scott Hardie, Stephen Gambill, Wes Bryant