The following list shows all changes made within the last year. All entries are written by Scott Hardie.

March 3, 2018: I fixed a typo on the homepage (!).

February 23, 2018: The "happy anniversary" sidebar text that celebrates the origin of a section of the site, like the one in Celebrity Goo Game today on the game's 20th anniversary, now links directly to the corresponding year in The History of Funeratic.

January 25, 2018: I have completed some back-end improvements to the systems that handle names for members, goos, and GE characters. If you see any issues with names displaying incorrectly, please let me know.

November 25, 2017: I eliminated a lot of old defunct code related to special characters in text, now that they have been fixed (as of September, below). If you notice any pages that don't finish loading, or any pages displaying broken characters, please let me know.

November 11, 2017: An entry in The History of Funeratic has been edited to remove people's names. I forgot that some content on the site was not made public, and I should not have summarized it while naming the authors.

October 27, 2017: Ten new items have been added to The History of Funeratic.

October 23, 2017: All news pages on the site now show the last year's worth of changes, not just the last six months' worth.

October 22, 2017: The word "TV" has been capitalized across the site.

September 30, 2017: Some system changes beyond my control broke special characters (such as accented letters) on this website a few weeks ago. They should be fixed now. If you notice any other special characters still not displaying correctly, please let me know which page. Thanks!

September 17, 2017: The yellow highlighting of new content across the site has been improved to be more accurate when deciding what content is new.

September 17, 2017: Removed the Facebook icon in the footer of all pages, since Funeratic's Facebook page is defunct.

July 4, 2017: More date information clean-up. This time, News pages and TC content are the likeliest to be affected. Please continue to let me know if you notice incorrect dates or other errors.

July 2, 2017: I made some miscellaneous code upgrades across the site to improve speed and error reporting.

July 1, 2017: I improved handling of date information in the database to prepare for a software upgrade. If you notice any weird dates on the website, like it says all zeroes, or it says something happened on December 31, 1969, please let me know.

June 24, 2017: I made some further speed improvements on the site. (I could go into more detail but I assume that the specifics are pretty boring to most people. :-P ) If you notice any pages hanging when you attempt to open them, please let me know.

June 18, 2017: I made some adjustments to site infrastructure that will allow all pages to load faster, particularly in the GOO/TC/TMR sections.

June 18, 2017: The sections of the site have been re-ordered based on their popularity (the average number of unique members visiting that section over the past year). TC and TMR have been promoted over RB.

June 10, 2017: A few behind-the-scenes updates today: The database software is now more secure, caching is improved (images should load faster), and each page should load faster with some unnecessary steps removed.

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