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Are Gooed Pictures Worth Any Words?

[hidden by request] Go »

MCU Project: Crossovers

Hah! Yeah - more important things to worry about, my friend. Go »

2021 in Film

LOL I don't have a system, that's why I missed some films! I'll have to bother to make an IMDB account, lol. Go »

The MCU Project

It's January 2. Let the conversations begin! I tried to think of some kind of recurring thing that we can count (or do, or whatever) as we progress through the series. Go »

2021 Year in Review on Clubhouse

Some of you know I'm on Clubhouse and the Movie Club will be discussing "...the biggest box office releases, best streaming content and our favorite entertainment moments from 2021". Go »


Yeah, TC is still active sporadically. And I'm glad that we have this long, winding discussion as a time capsule of our thoughts at the time. Go »

Netflix: Money Heist

Ok I'm on season four and it is slipping more and more into telenovela area. Oh man. Go »

Beyond 100%

Oh yeah - I do remember that shot! We'll have to have a 'movie night' and watch it again. (It's on Tubi and IMBDtv so commercials) l. Go »

Apple TV+

Scott - AFAIK you cannot access the AppleTV content anywhere else. And I agree - HBOMax is turning up the heat. Go »

The Best Films of the Decade

Oh geez - I never made my list ... >.> Go »

Extra Life 2021

Well poop. I hate I missed out on this. Go »

The End of Difficulty?

Erik, I like your idea. I have thought about simply reviewing the data that we already have (the number of solves vs. Go »

Fall 2021

There were three perfect seasons played this fall: Russ, Samir, and Steve all solved every goo (except his own in Steve's case). Go »


In the year 2053, a girl lays on her bed wearing vintage Ugg boots and says, "I was born in the wrong generation. Go »

Scott's Pet Peeve #5918

If we're talking about regional variations, can we talk about the "chili" served in Cincinnati? It is of course not chili, but a unique meat sauce inspired by Greek flavors. Go »

Happy Birthday, Russ!

Russ, I'm sorry I missed this at the time. I wish you a very happy year. :-) Go »

Colonoscopy: Necessary Evil

I haven't had the pleasure yet. If joking about it makes it more tolerable, at least it's easy to joke about. Go »

State of the Site: October 2021

I want to hear from everybody, but I'm especially interested in whether Chris has anything to say about the proposed goo game change. Go »

Nothing but Class

The Smell of Fear. Go »

Movie Grammar Sequels

Go »

What's Old is New Once Again...

Sorry to derail this. I didn't intend to do that. :-( Are there 80s revivals that you'd like to see again, or any so far that you especially liked? Go »

You Dip Your Fries In...

mmm... poutine.. they call it "Disco fries" here in NJ Go »

Been a Long Time

Congrats on good news all around, Scott. Walking the dog should help with the exercise. I will check out the podcast. Go »

Happy Birthday, Chris!

I'm sorry I missed this! Chris, I'm glad to hear that you had a great birthday. I too wish you a very happy year and decade ahead -- everything Steve listed and more. Go »

Great Moments in Autocorrect

Hey, is that Old Spice I smell? Yeah, it's my colon. Go »


Great suggestions! I would especially support the inclusion of the original 1950s Fly, which wasn't deeply disturbing like the 1980s version and is more in the vein of a "classic" monster. Go »

STLO Tourney Starts Tomorrow

Glad to hear that you did well at the tournament, Chris -- and even more so that you got a much-needed vacation from work. Go »

Change a Band Name Using One Letter

Counting Cows Sty The Donkees The Policy feat. Stingy Go »

To Steve on His Sixtieth

Thanks to you, as well! Go »

Happy Birthday, Samir

[hidden by request] Go »

Is This the World We Created?

Got to play to win (except the lottery). Go »

Happy Birthday, Aaron!

Thanks everyone for the well wishes! Go »

Happy Birthday, Erik

Happy birthday, Erik! Go »

Summer 2021

Thanks all. It was definitely a tough one. One of those you find, and still look for in case there's an even better guess somewhere out there. Go »

R.I.P. Alex Trebek

Agreed. It's a big of a tragicomic paradox that we are said to curate the best version of ourselves on social media -- staged photos on Instagram and ceaselessly positive updates on Facebook -- and yet we also say some of the cruelest, dumbest, most worthless trash on social media too. Go »

Star Swap

I saw Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Walking Dead and swore it was Javier Bardem for a minute. Go »


Good responses. Samir, I think you're right on. The question that I asked is basically what I want to ask Joe Biden right now. Go »

Underhanded Upsell

I'm with Scott. And if you're still not happy with them, might I recommend EuroCutZ on Hampton? I've been quite happy with them (especially Dee, who hails from London). Go »

Winter 2021

Thanks for the feedback! I haven't heard from anybody else about this proposal, so it sounds like the consensus reaction is positive. Go »

Football 2021

Doubtful. Probable no. Go »

Test Your Medal

Reading the list of recipients, I'm kind of surprised and disappointed at how few scientists have been recognized. Go »

Happiest of Birthdays!

Thanks, Chris! Hope you're doing well. Go »

Tragic Comedy Through the Years

It's crazy that it's been around for 20 years. A lot of message boards/communities don't last this long. Go »

Longest Discussions

These are Tragic Comedy's all-time longest discussions.

Gay Marriage

I think we've mentioned it in passing, but I couldn't find an official thread here about gay marriage. Go »

Yankees Win! Theeeeee Yankees Win!

Read the subject. That is all. Go »

Rock Block

I'm pleased to introduce the newest game on, Rock Block. It's part strategy game, part collecting game, part business game, and part rock-n-roll fantasy league. Go »

Interesting Videos.....Or Whatever

Thought I would start a thread to post interesting videos in. Here's a pretty neat video. This girl is nuts for doing this though. Go »

Election Day

Let's begin. Go »


It's been three weeks since Rock Block launched, and the early rush of mass participation has given way to a few regulars playing constantly. Go »

Current Goo

Does the current goo have all the leaders stumped? Can I declare victory now? Or have we just not had enough time? Go »

Goo: Towers

Recently, I've been talking about taking the goo game in a different direction. That plan goes into effect tonight, with the start of Round XLI in five hours. Go »

"Shall We Play a Game?"

Time for a meme game (thanks Gina). 1. Pick five of your favorite movies that many people have seen. Go »

Round XXX Tournament

We will begin in just five days. Here is the line-up for Friday, July 27th: Mike Eberhart vs. Denise Sawicki Dave Mitzman vs. Go »