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The Best Movies of 2019

Our annual ballot is open. I predict more superheroes again this year. :-P What were your favorite movies of the year, or the ones that you most wanted to see that got away? Go »

Winter 2020

The 83rd season of Celebrity Goo Game begins tomorrow. I have some fun things planned for the season that will reveal themselves soon. Go »

Seeing a Solution

Excellent solutions! I will try both of those. I once thought of bringing a folding TV tray as a portable desk, but as a fat guy, I'm self-conscious about being seen as too fat to hold a laptop on my lap, so I kind of brushed it off without really thinking about it. Go »

The Greatest Propaganda Machine in History

Of course we are the problem. Some people are just terrible and always will be. They gleefully consume, create, and promote awful lies and propagandist filth. Go »

Broken Rock

I've spent about nine hours on this over two days, and I wish I could say that I had an explanation for these issues. Go »

The Best Films of the Decade

Yes. I remember how much you liked Coco and Fruitvale Station. Possibly the Hunger Games series as one entry? Go »

Christmas Creep

If my understanding is correct, in the southern hemisphere, predominantly Christian nations celebrate two Christmases: One in July when it snows, which is a cultural Christmas with gift-giving and decorations and so on, and one in December that solemnly honors the religious holiday. Go »

Age Rage

[hidden by request] Go »

Favorite Filmmakers

Another good list. I can agree with every one. Go »


We got Disney+ on day one. The service was shockingly buggy at first, but it has mostly been fixed now, although we do still get one persistent bug: Nearly everything we watch freezes about 1-2 minutes in; the video locks while the audio keeps playing. Go »

Catch and Kill Me

[hidden by request] Go »

Happy Birthday Russ

Thanks all. I had a good day, left all pressure for another day to worry over, and pretty much just relaxed. Go »

23 Years

I'm glad the site is still going strong. Thanks Go »


No worries. Mistakes happen. Or they don't. However we want to categorize this. Either way, not the end of the world. Go »

Extra Life 2019

Also, I'd like specifically to thank the three donors who came in at the end, Jeff and two anonymous donors. Go »

Bet Regret

[hidden by request] Go »

Digital License Plates

What do you think of the rise of digital license plates? I'm cynical, so I assume that 90% of the promised benefits are there to snow us. Go »

Cinematic Cities

[hidden by request] Go »

38? You don't look a day over 37.

Thanks Erik and LaVonne. Go »

Fall 2019

Nice going Steve. Good luck next round. Go »

The Last Password

I use LastPass and find it to be incredibly useful. I make sure that I use a complex master password, and I change it a few times a year. Go »

Personality Tests at Work

[hidden by request] Go »


That was a strangely delayed double-post. Go »

Happy Belated, Samir!

Happy belated Birthday Go »

Vexing Volumes

I had great expectations for Robrt Bly's, Iron John. I blame me, not him necessarily, for being generally disappointed in it. Go »

This is Us

I think the myth of white innocence is an important thing to consider and challenge, but yes, it's closely related to the bigger myth of American innocence. Go »

We Built This City

I hear this song at my job every once in awhile. Looking forward to it Go »

Happy Birthday Erik

Thanks, Samir. Not to be a downer in a birthday celebration thread, but... In the past year, I learned that I have some of the best friends and family I could ever ask for (you all, included). Go »

Scott's Pet Peeve #7510

Haha, yes. I doubt Sony will take that advice, but it's good advice. Way back in the Tobey Maguire years, I used to think that two villains was the right number per picture, if one was the real villain that drove the plot, and the other was only around for one action scene at the beginning. Go »

Summer 2019

Thanks! It wasn't a easy battle. I thought that Matt had this round. Good Luck to everybody this round. Go »

Master of My Domain

[hidden by request] Go »

The 51st

[hidden by request] Go »

On the QT

Here in St. Louis, a search for QT in Google brings up a lot of results for QT, and until I clicked into this discussion the first time, I thought you were going to be talking about the convenience store. Go »

High Crimes and Misdemeanors

Yes. People keep talking about subsequent removal from office as if it's the only point of impeachment. Go »

This is Halloween

The latest product jumping on the bandwagon: Pumpkin Spice Spam. Go »

Unpopular Opinions

We didn't actually like the Jim Carrey Grinch that much but Cat in the Hat was on Netflix and we randomly checked it out. Go »

Too Slow to Talk

The two people who seem to have mistaken my slow text responses for disinterest are both older than me, in their fifties. Go »

Local Food is Strange, When You're a Stranger

Toasted Ravioli - Italians would probably have a heart attack when they saw what we've done to it. Dipped in marinara, it's quite delicious. Go »

Trigger Warnings Triggered

Now that studies are starting to come out about their helpfulness or harmfulness, what do you think about trigger warnings? Go »

Football 2019

Sonofamoron! I thought draft was 10pm, because reading comprehension is nil for me. Time to go see I auto-drafted Andrew Luck and LeSean McCoy. Go »

Not Old Betsy Too!

What's your take on the controversy over the Betsy Ross flag and Nike sneakers? My first thought upon hearing that the original 13-star flag is now considered racist was, Must everything from pre-Emancipation America now be considered a symbol of slavery? Go »

Tempus Fugit

Then I am jealous! Time seems to pass so quickly for me. It must be because so much of my life is the same: I do the same job for years, have the same hobbies and friends for years, and so on. Go »

Alabama Justice

And so it ends, after a national outcry. And there at the end of the article is the quote that Aaron anticipated. Go »

Collectors and Swift Solutions

Ha! Congrats on joining the club, Aaron! Go »

Shaking Down the Family Tree

[hidden by request] Go »

Decidedly Undecided

I'm in a similar boat. As an independent, I cannot vote in Florida primaries, so my opinion won't matter until long after the race is down to one Democrat against Trump against various minor third parties. Go »

Tux, the Face of Terror

[hidden by request] Go »

Office Hours

I'll be unavailable tomorrow. Go »


If anyone's curious, that "hint" image about the next tournament was the unused original version of the stage image. Go »


[hidden by request] Go »

Staked 'n Shaken

Burger King has had vegetarian options for a while now, right? This is just the first time it's had the Whopper branding on it, if I understand correctly. Go »

Happy Birthday, Scott!

One of the pleasures of Celebrity Goo Game is that when I discover weird celebrity trivia like that, I can often use it as inspiration for goos. Go »

What's on the Ol' Boob Tube?

Kelly and I absolutely fell in love with Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, an Australian detective series set in the Roaring Twenties with a contagiously fun-loving heroine. Go »

Stranger Things

Does anyone have thoughts on season 3? There's a lot that I liked and a few things that I didn't. Spoilers ahead, of course. Go »

Star Swap

Wait, Amber Heard and Blake Lively aren't the same person? I can tell the difference between Linda Cardellini and Ellen Page, but I could see how other people could get them mixed up. Go »

Funeratic Basketball 2015

I *think* it was Chris and Justin... but I'm not 100% sure. If enough other people say they want to do this, I can start a league again. Go »

Is It Time to Get the Cats Fixed?

I like the idea of more frequent cats. Seems like a minor change that could have considerable impact on game play and strategy. Go »


I am deeply disappointed in the Supreme Court's refusal to strike down partisan gerrymandering this week. Go »

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Gay Marriage

I think we've mentioned it in passing, but I couldn't find an official thread here about gay marriage. Go »

Yankees Win! Theeeeee Yankees Win!

Read the subject. That is all. Go »

Rock Block

I'm pleased to introduce the newest game on, Rock Block. It's part strategy game, part collecting game, part business game, and part rock-n-roll fantasy league. Go »

Interesting Videos.....Or Whatever

Thought I would start a thread to post interesting videos in. Here's a pretty neat video. This girl is nuts for doing this though. Go »

Election Day

Let's begin. Go »


It's been three weeks since Rock Block launched, and the early rush of mass participation has given way to a few regulars playing constantly. Go »

Current Goo

Does the current goo have all the leaders stumped? Can I declare victory now? Or have we just not had enough time? Go »

Goo: Towers

Recently, I've been talking about taking the goo game in a different direction. That plan goes into effect tonight, with the start of Round XLI in five hours. Go »

Round XXX Tournament

We will begin in just five days. Here is the line-up for Friday, July 27th: Mike Eberhart vs. Denise Sawicki Dave Mitzman vs. Go »

"Shall We Play a Game?"

Time for a meme game (thanks Gina). 1. Pick five of your favorite movies that many people have seen. Go »