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Joke's on You

If you're ok with an Avengers: Infinity War spoiler, I liked this one. Go »

What's on the Ol' Boob Tube?

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed The Punisher. The character can be so grim and joyless, and Daredevil certainly portrayed him that way. But his own series behaved like entertainment first and drama second, relying on thrilling acti Go »

Les Enfants Terribles

Because we live in a very deeply fucked-up time and place? Go »

One World, One Cup

I am not watching the games but I enjoy following along in headlines and conversations. And some of the commercials are mildly amusing. Go »

I Still Need Explanations

Yeah, from what I heard, yesterday's ruling only applies in this specific case about this specific baker, because it's about how he was mistreated by the anti-religious Colorado state commission. A similar case brought to the Supreme Court might get a com Go »

Spring 2018

Thanks all! There has been some serious competition and some seriously difficult goos this season. Much respect to all. Go »

We Don't Need No Stinking Badges... Do We?

Well, so much for that: We have a tied vote (as of now anyway). I have decided to keep badges for the Summer 2018 season, with the possibility of switching back to the other system in three more months. Chris, thanks for the comments. Go »

Roseanne Redux

Pet peeve: People are saying that now that Roseanne is cancelled, the entire cast besides John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf can go back to obscurity. "No one had heard of them before, and no one will ever hear of them again." What? Go »


Ha! Go »

Al Capone's Virtual Vault

I also have a bit of a different experience with traffic patterns. Whenever I use Google Maps on my phone while setting off to drive somewhere, I never fail to be annoyed that it automatically starts navigating to work (in the morning) or to home (in the Go »

Happy Birthday Scott!

Thanks again! I am humbled and lucky. Disney has numerous tours available. Go »

Past Tense

First thing that came to mind is the: following Sam the dog into a building scene from I Am Legend. The YouTube clip doesn't do it justice, but I will never forget seeing that in the theater. Heart Go »

A Confederacy of Dunces

Here's an appreciation of Isle of Dogs from a Japanese viewer. Whether or not you think the film committed cultural appropriation, it went t Go »


Kelly and I just finished the first season on Hulu. I know that the second is airing now and we'll see it when it's on streaming. It's... Go »

Memento Miscellany

Do certain objects unexpectedly feel like a connection to the past for you? I expect that feeling for souvenirs and picture frames that are intended to evoke memories, but I find myself surprised when I think about how certain ordinary objects conjure up Go »

Feeling Old for the First Time

Oddly enough, watching Doogie Howser, M.D.. Go »

March Madness Bracket Challenge

Glad everyone enjoyed it. I'll try to remember to set it up again next year! Go »

Lowest of the Low

I'm very much against corporate personhood. Corporations should not get legal protection for their "beliefs" and "opinions." But if we're going to have it, we can't reward some opinions and punish others. Go »


Given the weather lately, how are you New Englanders holding up? Each time I hear about another major storm striking th Go »

Singularity Sensation

A truly beautiful mind. I'm in my third reading of A Brief History of Time and highly recommend Black Holes and Baby Universes. Remarkable, witty, and possessing an accelerated sense of irony. Go »

The Daylight Savings Time is Now

A completely inane concept that has long passed its supposed benefits. Go »

Winter 2018

Also: Congrats, Russ, on a very difficult solve of Conrad Bluth. You have again extended your record number of solo solutions. Go »

Oscars 2018

It was a good year in our contest. Returning players did well, but new player Dave Guthmann, who joined only a day before the contest, won with 120 out of a possible 124 points. Incredible! Go »

20 Years of Celebrity Goos

The answers and 20th anniversary info for every goo in the 20th Anniversary theme have now been revealed, if anyone missed any along the way. Go »


Credit where credit is due - Rick Scott is actually trying to do something: Go »

Hit Me with Your Best Shot

I was briefly declared the winner? I demand a recount!!! Oh, well...congrats Go »

Every Day the 14th

Do you have a favorite tradition for Valentine's Day? Go »

Dexter and Pebbles

I have no doubt that some people do legitimately need such animals. I haven't really tried using a hamster to cope through life's cruelties, so who am I to judge? But simultaneously, I very much doubt that most of the airline passengers (and restaurant-go Go »

Star Trek: Discovery

Kelly and I just finished watching the end of the first season. Final verdict: We love this show. This has become both our favorite show on the (proverbial) air today, and a Sunday-night ritual for us that I cannot wait to resume in the fall. Go »

The Truth is Still Out There

I was so hard on the premiere that I thought it only fair to mention that the next few episodes since then have been much better, still in the mold of the original X Files but acknowledging the series's (and characters') age. Any season that Go »

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Gay Marriage

I think we've mentioned it in passing, but I couldn't find an official thread here about gay marriage. There are a lot of changes going on right now in legislature. Go »

Yankees Win! Theeeeee Yankees Win!

Read the subject. That is all. Go »

Rock Block

I'm pleased to introduce the newest game on, Rock Block. Go »

Interesting Videos.....Or Whatever

Thought I would start a thread to post interesting videos in. Here's a pretty neat video. Go »

Election Day

Let's begin. Go »


It's been three weeks since Rock Block launched, and the early rush of mass participation has given way to a few regulars playing constantly. To a large degree that's normal and expected, but to the degree it doesn't have to be that way, I'd like to do so Go »

Current Goo

Does the current goo have all the leaders stumped? Can I declare victory now? Go »

Goo: Towers

Recently, I've been talking about taking the goo game in a different direction. That plan goes into effect tonight, with the start of Round XLI in five hours. Go »

Round XXX Tournament

We will begin in just five days. Here is the line-up for Friday, July 27th: Mike Eberhart vs. Go »

"Shall We Play a Game?"

Time for a meme game (thanks Gina). 1. Go »