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Things I Do Not Understand After Trying to Eat Light at a Mexican Restaurant Tonight

Hampton and Southwest. I may know it mostly because it's just a few blocks from my house. Honestly, I go there for the habanero fried chicken, mostly. Go »

Last Rights

Yeah, I'm similarly confused like Erik - is the idea that the plate goes with an uneaten portion? Isn't that the WORST outcome? Also love Erik's parade of horribles. Go »

Harry Potter and the Definitive Ending

Should J.K. Rowling have stopped producing more Harry Potter content after the publication of the 7th book, the final in the original series? Since then, she continued dropping details on Twitter that added more details to the canonical story line, then s Go »

Groundhog Day

In my mind I was thinking the latter, but I didn't think long enough about the title to realize that it would hint towards the former. Honestly, either answer is fine, whatever the question provokes in you. Go »

What's on the Ol' Boob Tube?

After watching the first season, I am of mixed opinion about Chef's Table. The show looks absolutely stunning, and the music is often exquisite as well. But the show is ultimately only as Go »

Shutting Down a Shutdown

[hidden by author request] Go »

ICE Blocks

Agree. And I still maintain that I can’t wait for the robots to rise up. These freedoms that we choose to indulge in are our rights, but it makes me wonder whether our species is really that worthwhile. Go »

The Sopranos at 20

You nailed it, Samir. What a supporting cast! Lorraine Bracco, Frank Vincent, and John Heard all shone. Go »

Hemming History

Should Sally Hemings be recognized as a first lady? Go »

Winter 2019

My intent was to invoke images of a "Snidely Whiplash" type of character - twirling his moustache, specifically. Go »

The Best Movies of 2018

We saw the new Mary Poppins today. It was endearing and an absolute joy. Go »

Flagged for Discussion

Televised poker I get. Anyone can play it. You don't have to be in great shape; you just need to know the rules and have a starting bankroll. Go »

Football 2018

Fun and addictive. Thanks to all the players. See you next season! Go »

Shoot to Thrill

Chris, I thought if I took you out, that you'd take me out right away, so I was hoping to lay low and watch everyone else take each other out and then pounce! Didn't work. Oh well, third is probably better than I deserved! Go »

Chocolate Caption Contest

Go »

Fall 2018

Thanks, guys, for the nice comments! I'm thrilled to have a second victory! It was a tight race to the end and, frankly, Eric, I thought the win was yours, particularly since I was current on answers and you still had six to play. Go »


Excellent! Go »

Be Ye Not So Stupid

[hidden by author request] Go »

Walking Out

No I haven't cause every movie I went to I like. But the prices these days to see a movie is high I think. Go »


Brian Michael Bendis wrote a nice tribute to him. Go »

How Now Brown, Wow?

I wasn't a fan of the original run, so I haven't really felt the urge to get in on the relaunch. Go »

Can You Tell Me How to Get to Therapy

Yes, let's toss in the Muppets too. Animal has severe ADHD. Kelly pointed out that the Swedish chef suffers from some kind of word salad disorder. Go »

Star Swap

Bryce Dallas Howard was seared into my mind as a distinct individual when I watched the DVD extras for The Village and discovered her unbearably pretentious and self-interested video diaries Go »

Chris Lemler: Another Year Older, Another Year Wiser

It was a very good birthday. Got hockey tickets for the blues game November 1. Go »

Samir Day

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Go »

Summer 2018

It's the same now as in the badges system: At least 15 days must pass between two goos by the same player. Go »

Popular Picture

To be clear: I'm not saying that I approve of the Herald Sun cartoon; I'm just glad that the newspaper didn't do what every media company seems to do these days and fire the artist immediately and beg for mercy from the Internet mob. I find Go »


Agreed about the recency bias. I'm annoyed at how much of the encomiums for McCain praise him for standing up to Trump, as though his lifetime of service to the nation before that was not the very thing that put him in a position to stand up to Trump and Go »

We Don't Need No Stinking Badges... Do We?

The change in scoring systems is complete. We are back to the lucky cats (I missed those kitties) and the pagoda. If anything goes wrong with the restored code, plea Go »

The Tinder Trap

The whole stunt seemed a little sophmoric to me. Really? An app that treats people like sexual objects is dehumanizing? Go »

What is a Possible Goo Scoring System, Alex?

Scott, I was thinking and maybe you can let the computer pick all the categories randomly. And for the players created goo's you could use them for the daily doubles then you don't have to make a theme around the created goo's. And for final Jeopardy yo Go »


Maybe interstellar transit isn't impossible after all. I have no idea how feasible that technology is, but it's an interesting idea. Go »

Brand Me

Right there with you on the Aldi discovery Eric. I'm convinced some of the generic brands are actually the same products repackaged. Even if not, I'll accept the placebo. Go »

Stopping Sucks

Totally. This is why I am a Fabian. Go »

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Gay Marriage

I think we've mentioned it in passing, but I couldn't find an official thread here about gay marriage. There are a lot of changes going on right now in legislature. Go »

Yankees Win! Theeeeee Yankees Win!

Read the subject. That is all. Go »

Rock Block

I'm pleased to introduce the newest game on, Rock Block. Go »

Interesting Videos.....Or Whatever

Thought I would start a thread to post interesting videos in. Here's a pretty neat video. Go »

Election Day

Let's begin. Go »


It's been three weeks since Rock Block launched, and the early rush of mass participation has given way to a few regulars playing constantly. To a large degree that's normal and expected, but to the degree it doesn't have to be that way, I'd like to do so Go »

Current Goo

Does the current goo have all the leaders stumped? Can I declare victory now? Go »

Goo: Towers

Recently, I've been talking about taking the goo game in a different direction. That plan goes into effect tonight, with the start of Round XLI in five hours. Go »

Round XXX Tournament

We will begin in just five days. Here is the line-up for Friday, July 27th: Mike Eberhart vs. Go »

"Shall We Play a Game?"

Time for a meme game (thanks Gina). 1. Go »

Happy anniversary!

Chris Lemler joined Funeratic 11 years ago today.