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Collectors and Swift Solutions

Ha! Congrats on joining the club, Aaron! Go »

Alabama Justice

And so it ends, after a national outcry. And there at the end of the article is the quote that Aaron anticipated. Go »


No problem here. I am having a fun time Go »

Not Old Betsy Too!

What's your take on the controversy over the Betsy Ross flag and Nike sneakers? My first thought upon hearing that the original 13-star flag is now considere Go »

Tempus Fugit

I can't find it now -- maybe it was on Facebook? -- but I remember talking not long ago* with Denise Sawicki about time, and how it feels like the years are flying by faster and faster as I get older. A year feels like a week sometimes. Go »

Shaking Down the Family Tree

Recent past - I’d ask my grandparents why they sent my dad to live with his aunts and uncles and grandmother. It’s a family mystery. Further past - I’d ask my my family from the 1800s why they moved to the cities and what they hoped to have happen in Go »


I am deeply disappointed in the Supreme C Go »

Decidedly Undecided

I'm in a similar boat. As an independent, I cannot vote in Florida primaries, so my opinion won't matter until long after the race is down to one Democrat against Trump against various minor third parties. And I'm used to disdaining my own state's politic Go »

Office Hours

I'll be on Funeratic for the next four hours at least. I'm not going to say this every week, but it's the first week and I'm excited to try this. Challenge me to a concert and I'll (probably) accep Go »

Tux, the Face of Terror

Ah! That makes sense. I thought maybe there was an inside joke I was missing out on... Go »


Thanks very much for the advice! That's a great idea about using negatives and/or digitizing them to save space. The negatives are gone, but I can certainly make use of a scanner. Go »

Happy Birthday, Scott!

One of the pleasures of Celebrity Goo Game is that when I discover weird celebrity trivia like that, I can often use it as inspiration for goos. I read somewhere that the high-pitched singer in the Diet Dr Pepper commercials was named Justin Guarini, and Go »

Staked 'n Shaken

Burger King has had vegetarian options for a while now, right? This is just the first time it's had the Whopper branding on it, if I understand correctly. Good for them. Go »

What's on the Ol' Boob Tube?

Good Omens is one of Kelly's favorite books, so we had to watch the 6-episode Amazon TV series as soon as it came out. It's clever and witty and pleasantly weird, with a good number of cel Go »

Grand Experiment

My first instinct is not to discourage people from seeking help in genuine emergencies. Passing a law that can punish someone for calling 911 with sincere concerns? Yikes. Go »

Endgame of Thrones

Best show endings I can think of: The Shield (the best) The Americans (close second) The Wire Crazy Ex Girlfriend Parks and Rec Breaking Bad The Sopranos Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (the last shot is perfect) Mary Tyler Moore Mad Men 30 Rock Ba Go »


Russ that was a job done. Congrats! And Good Luck this round. Go »

The Best Movie Year

I could swear that we discussed this already, but I can't find it in TC's archives for the life of me, so maybe not. What year was the best ever for movies? I have long been partial to 1999, but I figured that's just because it was a pivotal year in Go »


knowledge of grammar easily distinguishes the difference of "Look ahead in the road" from "Look, a head in the road". Knowledge of grammar was moot in Myrna's case as the amount of blood pooling from her severed head made the difference irrelevant. Go »

Cryptographic Cataclysm

I found confirmation. The source image was Farnese. Go »

Miranda's Rights

Yes. Sexting is a perfectly common, ordinary thing that people do now. Public attitudes need to catch up. Go »


Is anyone else utterly sick of talk about the demographics of Democratic candidates this year? I don't care whether Elizabeth Warren is a woman or a man, or whether Cory Booker is black or white, or whether Joe Biden is old or young, or whether Pete Bu Go »

Our Lady of Paris

I was quite disturbed reading about it yesterday and watching clips. It's such an important building to France and to all of civilization. I know it's just a building, but its seeming loss hurt in the way that the death of a beloved public figure couldn't Go »

Tiger's Triumph

I can't help but be reminded of another comeback after many years. :-) Tiger so dominated the sport of golf that when he fell, it seemed catastrophic. His medical problems, his personal problems, Go »

What Makes a Movie?

This is awesome - the FTC has a nice reply for Spielberg: Go »

Star Swap

I am embarrassed to have just discovered today that Zachary Quinto and Zachary Levi are two different people. In my defense, they have some pretty similar names and resumes, and Go »

Admissions of Guilt

Looks like Scott was right. Go »

Winter 2019

Thanks all. :) I realize that this thank you is a month late in coming. I have been a member of this site for longer than any other site or community that I've associated with. Go »


Thanks, Guys! Appreciate the nice comments --- I will have to say, though, the cats certainly did their part!! Every season of this game is fun, so let's get ready! Go »

Driving Mr. Green

I haven't seen Green Book, so I can't say from my own experience. I will see it someday, regardless of the controversy. Just because the movie is problematic and clueless in its choices about race does not mean that it is entirely without merit. Go »

Harry Potter and the Definitive Ending

Also: I'm well aware that this is all easy for me to say because I'm not a particular fan of Harry Potter. The movies and theme parks were fun, but I don't follow the series closely and I have no interest in any further expansions. If it was a series that Go »

Oscars 2019

I had not noticed that diversity in Best Director, but you're right; good point. And that's good and healthy for the industry, I think. Part of the reason that Green Book flew under the radar for Best Picture had to be the lack of a correspond Go »

Hemming History

For what it's worth, I didn't have a problem with you saying that. He deserves scorn for owning slaves and for raping them. But he also deserves some degree of reverence for his contributions to modern democracy. Go »

Groundhog Day

Yeah, I can't imagine a day so "perfect" that I wouldn't eventually get tired of the repetition. But if I was not aware of the repetition, and I was enjoying the day anew each time, I can think of a number of candidates, from happy times in my youth to my Go »

ICE Blocks

Go »

All Access? Pass

Star Trek TOS and Twilght Zone - I'm in! Those happen to be two series I've gotten Lauren hooked on. Go »

Things I Do Not Understand After Trying to Eat Light at a Mexican Restaurant Tonight

I think most Americans DON'T eat 2000 calories a day, judging from the obesity epidemic in this country. :-( The waitress was not busy. Several times I saw her across the room doing what looked like idle chatting with other staff, playing with her fing Go »

Last Rights

Good! I'm not the only one who thinks that's crazy. :-) I guess the rationale is that multiple people might want the last piece, so if anyone must be deprived of it, at least we're all equally deprived of it? Go »

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Gay Marriage

I think we've mentioned it in passing, but I couldn't find an official thread here about gay marriage. There are a lot of changes going on right now in legislature. Go »

Yankees Win! Theeeeee Yankees Win!

Read the subject. That is all. Go »

Rock Block

I'm pleased to introduce the newest game on, Rock Block. Go »

Interesting Videos.....Or Whatever

Thought I would start a thread to post interesting videos in. Here's a pretty neat video. Go »

Election Day

Let's begin. Go »


It's been three weeks since Rock Block launched, and the early rush of mass participation has given way to a few regulars playing constantly. To a large degree that's normal and expected, but to the degree it doesn't have to be that way, I'd like to do so Go »

Current Goo

Does the current goo have all the leaders stumped? Can I declare victory now? Go »

Goo: Towers

Recently, I've been talking about taking the goo game in a different direction. That plan goes into effect tonight, with the start of Round XLI in five hours. Go »

Round XXX Tournament

We will begin in just five days. Here is the line-up for Friday, July 27th: Mike Eberhart vs. Go »

"Shall We Play a Game?"

Time for a meme game (thanks Gina). 1. Go »