The following list shows all notable changes made within the last year. All entries are written by Scott Hardie.

March 10, 2024: I made a few tweaks to the display of data on the Predict the Oscars to better accommodate the large number of players this year. The page needs a redesign that isn't feasible today, but hopefully that can happen before next year's contest.

December 4, 2023: In The MCU Project, TV specials are now scheduled like episodes of TV (ie. up to two episodes or specials per week), and short films are now included in the list of future titles that can be spoiled when writing a comment.

November 30, 2023: I added a sidebar element promoting the current week in The MCU Project.

October 25, 2023: I revised the "what we're watching" text in The MCU Project to reflect this week's book release that finally represents a comprehensive statement from Marvel Studios about series canon.

October 22, 2023: I fixed movie poster images to display at the correct size on mobile phone screens.

September 12, 2023: I fixed a bug preventing MCU Project comments from being edited in some cases.

Changes to Thorough Movie Reviews are sometimes mentioned on the Funeratic News page instead, when they're part of site-wide alterations.