The following list shows all changes made within the last year. All entries are written by Scott Hardie.

March 31, 2023: MCU Project discussions are now their own distinct category in TMR search results and in the Site Map.

March 6, 2023: I edited the "what we're watching" text in The MCU Project to clarify that we're not including video games or other alternative media set within the MCU.

February 22, 2023: On the Oscars contest page, I added text to the rules to clarify that if the site goes down on the night of the show (like it did in 2015), there will be no alternative way to enter guesses, so players are encouraged not to wait until the last minute.

February 13, 2023: The "only one entry per person" message on the Oscars contest page will now appear even when the contest is closed, in case players wonder why their duplicate entries have disappeared an hour before showtime.

February 7, 2023: I edited the "what we're watching" text in The MCU Project to clarify explicitly that we're not watching the New Warriors unaired pilot.

January 24, 2023: Predict the Oscars 2023 has begun.

January 1, 2023: I fixed a mathematical error on the Best Movies of the Year page that assigned the wrong number of points per film when there is only a single voter.

November 11, 2022: I updated the "what we're watching" info box in The MCU Project to clarify that we are not watching several Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. promotional tie-in shows: Declassified is strictly a companion series with no narrative, Double Agent is a fictitious series set behind-the-scenes at the studio producing the show, and Academy purports to be a real-world game show with clips of the AOS characters talking to the contestants. In other words, none are set within the MCU, even by our exceptionally inclusive standards. The other AOS tie-in series, Slingshot, is set entirely within the world of the show and remains on our schedule.

October 3, 2022: The schedule for The MCU Project has changed again: We will now watch either one movie or two TV episodes per week, not counting shorts. This change is retroactive; old comments have been moved to new weeks.

Changes to Thorough Movie Reviews are sometimes mentioned on the Funeratic News page instead, when they're part of site-wide alterations.