Some of the best celebrity goos come from the players! Use the creation form below to make your own goos for other players to solve. You'll earn a point for each submission that gets published just as if you had solved it.

You can submit as many goos as you'd like. Game administrator Scott Hardie will try to solve your goos himself (he has his own guess form that presents your creation like a regular goo, giving him a chance to play it before he reveals the answer to himself), but he cannot earn points or win the round. Scott might edit any parts of your goos before publication depending on the needs of the game, but he usually only makes minor tweaks to punctuation and styling.

Some tips for faster publication and better goos:
• Looking for inspiration? Check the news, or major websites related to certain categories in the game. Don't be afraid to add your favorite artists and athletes to the game.
• Include multiple ways for players to figure out the answer, from multiple hints in the clue to some visible hint in the image.
• If you choose an obscure celebrity, such as a minor movie star or a major athlete from a less-popular sport, compensate for their obscurity by making the clue easier.
• Each night's published goo is chosen semi-randomly from the queue. The algorithm favors a variety of intended difficulty and categories that haven't come up much yet this round.
• New celebrities who have never been in the game before are chosen for publication before repeat celebrities. The same celebrity cannot appear as a goo twice in a year. (Browse all past goos.)
• Real people only, please. The game used to allow fictional characters as goos, but now only real people are allowed. Real historical figures who became fictional folklore (such as King Arthur) are permitted.
• Genuinely famous people only, please. Honoring (or teasing) a friend or family member by making a goo of them is understandable, but the goo will be deleted if they're not actually famous for something.
• Create lots of goos. The more that you have awaiting publication, the likelier that any one of them will be selected.
• Have fun! The easiest thing to forget is to make each goo fun to play, even when the goo is hard. Cleverness is appreciated.

To create a goo, you will need a Funeratic account. Please log in or create an account.