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Logical Operator

Survivor Guilty

As a longtime Survivor viewer, I've been bothered by its slow decline. Some of the show's problems are apparent on its surface, like Jeff Probst's appalling gender bias and the show's overemphasis on tacky "themes" for the season. But I got to thinking about what's wrong under the surface, on a conceptual level....

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One World, One Cup

I am not watching the games but I enjoy following along in headlines and conversations. And some of the commercials are mildly amusing. Go »

I Still Need Explanations

Yeah, from what I heard, yesterday's ruling only applies in this specific case about this specific baker, because it's about how he was mistreated by the anti-religious Colorado state commission. A similar case brought to the Supreme Court might get a com Go »

We Don't Need No Stinking Badges... Do We?

Well, so much for that: We have a tied vote (as of now anyway). I have decided to keep badges for the Summer 2018 season, with the possibility of switching back to the other system in three more months. Chris, thanks for the comments. More feedback is Go »

Al Capone's Virtual Vault

I also have a bit of a different experience with traffic patterns. Whenever I use Google Maps on my phone while setting off to drive somewhere, I never fail to be annoyed that it automatically starts navigating to work (in the morning) or to home (in the Go »

Happy Birthday Scott!

Thanks again! I am humbled and lucky. Disney has numerous tours available. The neatest might be going scuba-diving inside the aquarium at Epcot. We did the "Savor the Savanna" a Go »

Past Tense

First thing that came to mind is the: following Sam the dog into a building scene from I Am Legend. The YouTube clip doesn't do it justice, but I will never forget seeing that in the theater. Heart Go »