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10-VII-2017 or Petty Vengeance

Dear Scott Hardie, So. Reading the latest in geek news. Oh, what is this?...

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Disney Buys Fox

What do you make of Disney buying most of Fox? For the curious, Go »

The Rise and Fall of Keaton Jones

Amen to that. Go »


If you could ask a deceased relative or ancestor one question, who would you choose and what would you ask? Go »

Deck the Office Halls

Sorry about your Christmas exchange scott. Go »

Treat Yo Self

I definitely fall to food, as well, but I've been working hard lately to change that and to find other self-care outlets. Aside from TV and calories, though, I haven't found anything that really sticks. Go »

Winter 2018

Awesome achievements, Russ --- all the way around! Congrats! :-) Go »