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Logical Operator

Falling Snow

It was twenty years ago today that my father passed away. I almost didn't write something today, because I don't feel particularly creative enough at the moment to do his memory justice. But a plain remembrance is better than none at all, and besides, he's been on my mind a lot this week....

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The Veracity of Political Correctness

Watching a tv drama the other day, I was struck by a line of dialogue that I've heard said by various people over the last couple of years, since Trump's campaign first picked up steam and dredged up all kinds of racist comments in public: "It's like e Go »

Brexit Redux

I just don't get how May did not learn from Cameron's mistake, when it's that very mistake that led to her being in office in the first place. It would be like Bill Clinton saying in 1993, "Listen to me: There will be no new taxes," and then raising taxes Go »

Greetings from Earth

Good ideas! You guys make it look easy. In the end, someone else chose the message that was sent, and he made it up on the spot:
hello from humans :)
We made a few Jokes about wasting a billion-dollar piece of technology on that Go »


Ha! You're right of course; I didn't even see that. I have to appreciate the fact that I made a mistake while pointing out that Google made mistakes while pointing out that other people made mistakes. :-) As a Floridian of 15 years now, I guess I can u Go »

Lonely Hearts Still

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band just turned 50. What are your favorite recollections of the album? Go »

Spring 2017

Congrats to Russ on a perfect season! That's your ninth, and one shy of the all-time record. Go »