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Logical Operator

R.I.P. Nicole

You know those memes about how 2020 just keeps getting worse by the month? I didn't like them before because it's been such a very awful and depressing year that I'm not in the mood to joke about it. And now I really don't like them, because for me, June has indeed managed to be even worse: My friend Nicole died suddenly of a stroke on Friday....

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As long as we're talking about this, let's remember this crap. When it seemed like Hillary Clinton was going to win in 2016, Senate Republicans (including ones considered respectable like John McCain) openly said they would obstruct any vote on anyone she nominated for Scalia's seat or any other judicial position, for the entirety of her presidency. Go »

Happy 40th Samir.

That's amazing thinking, Samir. All of those points are great. What a good attitude to make the most of a very bad year. Go »

Happy Birthday Mr. Bates

Happy 40th man! If it helps, nothing noticeably changed for me when I hit 40. Go »

R.I.P. Chadwick Boseman

[hidden by request] Go »

Rock Around the Clock

Always fun. Always. Congrats for the win! Go »

Rock Block Rebuses

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