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26-VIII-2019 or Shame!

Nope, not a Game of Throne reference. I heard the song by Stabbing Westward today, so it will be the song of the day. Shows what you know....

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Make Me Choose

[hidden by request] Go »

Gold Bond

Great points Scott! I very much agree with Bond not working as well when acting like a cartoon character. Go »

Land Acknowledgements

Well, I've heard cynics decry it as performative wokeness or virtue signaling, so that might be the point, depending on your attitude. Go »

Extra Life 2020

I had an absolute blast at last year's Extra Life event, that 24-hour marathon of gaming for charity. Go »

Fantastic Island

Erik, good share. Those genre-swapping trailers are fun. "Shining" and "Scary Mary" are two others that I really like. Go »

Overhaul of Fame

Yeah, I can see that. Once upon a time on the Internet, you could tell people about this weird little website where you can play celebrity trivia games and enter Oscar prediction contests and so on, all for free, and they'd be happy to check it out. Go »