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Web Junkie

The Naked Samaritan

Recent conversation with Brenda: Brenda: Did I ever tell you I posed nude for an art class? Me: Really?! (after recovering from shock) I had a college friend who posed for some extra money....

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Foods Forsworn

[hidden by request] Go »

Flight to the Bottom

The few flights I've taken lately have been limited to only single carriers servicing the areas. Go »

Bye Bye Boston

You're right; Red Lobster has market penetration in the Midwest and other places that don't have a lot of options for fresh seafood, and I'm sure that's a huge part of their growth and ubiquity. Go »

The Divine Right of Presidents

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The Movie of Me

Both good movies, though yes, Garden State feels less essential the further we age away from it. Perhaps the opposite is true of Synecdoche, New York, which I feel like I'm aging into. Go »

Terms of Determent

"Lawfare" is a new one to me. Interesting concept. Go »