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09-VII-2019 or Look out, spicy bois!

I saw a meme that claimed there was a petition to change the name of fire ants to spicy bois. I am trying to be hip to the lingo the kids are using nowadays! They do like the word spicy, I'll tell you hwat....

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Not Old Betsy Too!

What's your take on the controversy over the Betsy Ross flag and Nike sneakers? My first thought upon hearing that the original 13-star flag is now considere Go »

Tempus Fugit

I can't find it now -- maybe it was on Facebook? -- but I remember talking not long ago* with Denise Sawicki about time, and how it feels like the years are flying by faster and faster as I get older. A year feels like a week sometimes. I remember saying Go »

Alabama Justice

And so it ends, after a national outcry. And there at the end of the article is the quote that Aaron anticipated. Go »

Collectors and Swift Solutions

Ha! Congrats on joining the club, Aaron! Go »

Shaking Down the Family Tree

Recent past - I’d ask my grandparents why they sent my dad to live with his aunts and uncles and grandmother. It’s a family mystery. Further past - I’d ask my my family from the 1800s why they moved to the cities and what they hoped to have happen in Go »

Decidedly Undecided

I'm in a similar boat. As an independent, I cannot vote in Florida primaries, so my opinion won't matter until long after the race is down to one Democrat against Trump against various minor third parties. And I'm used to disdaining my own state's politic Go »