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Web Junkie

How Steve Proposed

Steve: I love you. Brenda: I love you more. Steve: NO, I LOVE YOU MORE!...

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Spring 2021

Congrats on your solo, Steve --- awesome solve! Thanks for sharing your method! Go »

Mrs. Goldblum Goo

I thought it was funny. :-) I don't think Chris is seriously asking, but if anybody is curious: That guess was not right because, per the Advanced Rules, descriptive phrases as disallowed, even if it's obviously the right person because only one person on Earth matches the description. Go »

Love and Support

[hidden by request] Go »

Steve Can Now Legally Vote on Funeratic

Thanks. Still learning and making plenty of mistakes... Here's to another 18 years of indecipherable goos, championing Rock Block tournaments, and bewildering Oscar predictions. Go »

Oscars 2021

Sweet! And yeah, between Alana, me, and my free Apple TV sub from the new phone - I have to agree about the 'did not encourage' thing. Go »

Happy Birthday, Denise!

Hooray for birthdays and for spring weather! I hope you're having a great day, Denise. :-) Go »