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Logical Operator

R.I.P. Nicole

You know those memes about how 2020 just keeps getting worse by the month? I didn't like them before because it's been such a very awful and depressing year that I'm not in the mood to joke about it. And now I really don't like them, because for me, June has indeed managed to be even worse: My friend Nicole died suddenly of a stroke on Friday....

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Opening Day, Sportsball, and the Like

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Football 2020...?

I'm thinking I'm sitting out and hoping they don't play. I would deeply regret it if they do. Some things are actually more important than NFL games. Go »

This Could Spell Trouble

I just came across this article specifically citing Jew as a slur that should never be played (or uttered, presumably). Go »

Mayhem in Milwaukee

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Top o' the Racism to Ya

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The Problem with Ranked Choice Voting

I like that! I have not heard of that before. It seems like it would help with a number of problems. Go »