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Logical Operator

My Hot Thanksgiving

It may have been a cold Thanksgiving up north, but it wasn't in my mother's apartment yesterday, where the air conditioning was broken and it was 80°. And that was before we turned the oven on for an hour to heat the food. We've ordered pre-made meals before from various businesses like Boston Market and Publix, but this year the only source we could find was Zoës Kitchen, a Middle Eastern chain restaurant....

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Admissions of Guilt

Sadly, the precedent has been established. Paying for better test scores - who's to say that won't or didn't occur again. They're permanently stained with suspicion. Go »

What Makes a Movie?

I love Spielberg but this is dumb. Fake qualifying runs were common in the business for years. There were arthouse movies that had fake qualifying runs because they knew their movies couldn’t work in theaters. Those movies were often unseen by the mas Go »


Thanks, Guys! Appreciate the nice comments --- I will have to say, though, the cats certainly did their part!! Every season of this game is fun, so let's get ready! Bring it on, Erik! I love a good challenge! Russ, "three" would be nice, but imp Go »

Driving Mr. Green

I haven't seen Green Book, so I can't say from my own experience. I will see it someday, regardless of the controversy. Just because the movie is problematic and clueless in its choices about race does not mean that it is entirely without merit. Go »

All Access? Pass

Star Trek TOS and Twilght Zone - I'm in! Those happen to be two series I've gotten Lauren hooked on. Go »

Oscars 2019

I had not noticed that diversity in Best Director, but you're right; good point. And that's good and healthy for the industry, I think. Part of the reason that Green Book flew under the radar for Best Picture had to be the lack of a correspond Go »