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26-VIII-2019 or Shame!

Nope, not a Game of Throne reference. I heard the song by Stabbing Westward today, so it will be the song of the day. Shows what you know....

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Fictive Physicians

[hidden by request] Go »

Oscars 2020

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Hope Springs Never

It's... a little better. But not much. 5-10% better. One big improvement is The Void, a 20-minute VR attraction. Go »


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Decade Delimiter

I may seem to have tipped my hand already, but I'm actually on Team Decades-Are-Arbitrary. A decade is any ten-year period; I could say that the current decade runs from 11:27am on Wednesday, October 12, 2016, until the same time and day in 2026. Go »

To Remove or Not to Remove

I really hate trump for what he's done. I really don't see him being removed. But it is on his record and might persuade people to vote for someone else. Go »