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10-VII-2017 or Petty Vengeance

Dear Scott Hardie, So. Reading the latest in geek news. Oh, what is this?...

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The Defenders

I have not seen it yet but have seen all the other Marvel shows on Netflix. I know I'm in the minority but I for some reason found 2nd season Daredevil more fun than 1st season, otherwise I generally agree with Scott's rankings :). One thing that may hel Go »


I haven't tried it, but I am very interested. I don't see how this is at all a sustainable business model, though. Go »

Football 2017

I enjoy Fantasy Football, but have no idea what any league rules mean, or the pros/cons of any of them. So, whatever you all decide on, I'll go with. I'm completely indifferent. I just like to play :) Go »

A Confederacy of Dunces

Scott: I agree, and if we were reimagining, say, the Iraq or Afghanistan wars, I'd feel differently. But relitigating the Civil War is only interesting if we present it in a new way. It's possible that this one will do it, but I'm shocked that that new Go »

The Bird's the Word

Go »

Nom de Whom

Yeah, last names can be a pain like that. It must be hard to be a famous professional actress who uses her married name in private, because how do you keep correcting people to use your married name when you're obviously famous as your maiden name? I'm Go »