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R.I.P. Katie


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KFC and the Sunshine Band

Steve, if you want cheesy jokes, I'm there. Bleu2: click image to zoom The Velveeta Underground: click image to zoom Colby Jack Caillat: click image to zoom Goudastank: click image to zoom Muenster Magnet: click image to zoom Cream Cheese: click image to zoom The Brieders: click image to zoom Fetallica: click image to zoom Mozzarella Fitzgerald: click image to zoom Paneerly Deads: click image to zoom Eddie Cheddar: click image to zoom And of course, SWISS: click image to zoom Go »

ITube, YouTube, WeTube

Funeratic has lots of "game" people on it, so I hereby recommend Lateral with Tom Scott to you all. This channel hosts clips from a weekly podcast in which Tom Scott gets online with three other YouTubers and/or podcasters, and they take turns asking each other interesting questions about history and culture, and you try to figure out the solution faster than they do. Go »

The Saga of Kevin McCarthy

Someone asked me if I had plans for the fall. It took me a moment to realize they meant "autumn", not the collapse of civilization. Go »

Good Bad Good Talk

Absolutely agreed. We've all had a boss at some point who never seemed to articulate what exactly they wanted, whether because they muddied the message with needless "techniques" like this or for other reasons. Go »


Yes! My mother did not skimp on garlic when she cooked in my childhood, and now I really need a lot of it in there to taste it. Go »

It's Always the Ones We Love Who Hurt Us the Most

Huh. I like that song musically, but yeah, I can see how it can be interpreted that way. I like it when artists express regret for their creative missteps, especially through subsequent works, but artists are sometimes too close to their own work to assess their successes and failures the way that audiences do (ahem). Go »