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Logical Operator

What We Kept

One winter in the mid-1970s, my grandfather Donald was hospitalized with a serious infection in his foot. Being diabetic, he went out of his way for years to avoid any infections or other hazards, but his luck had run out. On Christmas Day, he was informed by the doctors that they would have to amputate his foot the next morning....

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Things I Do Not Understand After Trying to Eat Light at a Mexican Restaurant Tonight

Hampton and Southwest. I may know it mostly because it's just a few blocks from my house. Honestly, I go there for the habanero fried chicken, mostly. Strange, I know. Go »

Harry Potter and the Definitive Ending

Should J.K. Rowling have stopped producing more Harry Potter content after the publication of the 7th book, the final in the original series? Since then, she continued dropping details on Twitter that added more details to the canonical story line, then s Go »

Last Rights

Yeah, I'm similarly confused like Erik - is the idea that the plate goes with an uneaten portion? Isn't that the WORST outcome? Also love Erik's parade of horribles. He beat me to the punch. Go »

Groundhog Day

In my mind I was thinking the latter, but I didn't think long enough about the title to realize that it would hint towards the former. Honestly, either answer is fine, whatever the question provokes in you. Go »

ICE Blocks

Agree. And I still maintain that I can’t wait for the robots to rise up. These freedoms that we choose to indulge in are our rights, but it makes me wonder whether our species is really that worthwhile. Go »

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