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Logical Operator

Hey Saoirse Ronan, What's Over There?


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George Floyd, Minneapolis, and Beyond

[hidden by request] Go »

Secret Successes

I got into a conversation recently with some friends that I wonder if you can expand upon: Albums that are least-loved by the public that you think are secretly the artist's best work. Go »

Happy Birthday, Scott!

I couldn't find my regular cake pan, so bundt cake it was! Which reminds me that there is a place that I hope reopens when this all goes away called "Nothing Bundt Cake. Go »

The Most Interesting People in the World

That is great, cause I also thought, oh, Geneva, that's like, a mile down the road, whatever. Wow! CERN! Go »

Hitch's Hustle

I saw a short documentary about Alfred Hitchcock the other night. It showed some of his many cameo roles on-screen in his films, and clips from when he hosted his own long-running TV series Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and assorted other media appearances like TV commercials that he made and many broadcast interviews that he gave. Go »

Eponymous Edibles

My culinary masterpiece is tiny chips ahoy cookies in a bowl with milk, eaten as cereal. Because I am an adult. Go »