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Logical Operator

Scott's Car is Dead; Long Live Scott's Van

The blue Dodge Caliber that I bought years ago has lasted through a lot. It may have suffered a flat tire at one GooCon and a window that wouldn't close at another, but the only major and long-lasting problem with it was a leaky roof. Unfortunately, I live in Florida, where half of the year sees brief but frequent thunderstorms....

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Past Tense

First thing that came to mind is the: following Sam the dog into a building scene from I Am Legend. The YouTube clip doesn't do it justice, but I will never forget seeing that in the theater. Heart Go »


Kelly and I just finished the first season on Hulu. I know that the second is airing now and we'll see it when it's on streaming. It's... uneven. The parts with the psychotic breaks are outstanding. I love the brilliant flashes of creativity that they Go »

Memento Miscellany

Do certain objects unexpectedly feel like a connection to the past for you? I expect that feeling for souvenirs and picture frames that are intended to evoke memories, but I find myself surprised when I think about how certain ordinary objects conjure up Go »

Feeling Old for the First Time

Oddly enough, watching Doogie Howser, M.D.. Go »

Joke's on You

Oh damn, that's good. Go »

Les Enfants Terribles

Millenials want to make the world better. Literally every other generation just wants to watch it burn. I don't know how popular this is outside of my Higher Ed circles, but the Beloit College Mindset Go »