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Logical Operator

Pass Me the Green, I Need Some Trees with My Tennessee

Kelly and I just took a short vacation to Gatlinburg: Two days there, with two full days of driving to make it happen. We've been itching to get out of the house during this awful pandemic (and to use Kelly's PTO before it expires), but with options limited for places to go safely, we realized that we could rent a cabin with family and just go hiking and birdwatching and grilling, avoiding crowds in favor of natural spaces. Kelly's immediate family from Illinois drove over to join us....

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R.I.P. Alex Trebek

I felt the same way about the show's celebration of intelligence, which is why I'm a bit dismayed to see this clip making the rounds this week. Go »

President Biden

Steve: Trump is going to whine about this "stolen" election until the day he dies. He is incapable of admitting defeat. Go »

15 Days Before and After

And just to be even clearer, this scheduling-a-goo-for-a-specific-day thing is infrequent: It's something that I do to my own goos a few times each season and to player-created goos almost never. Go »

This Vote Counts, That One Doesn't

[hidden by request] Go »

The You Meal

Taco Bell for me too. Start with a burrito tortilla, add chicken and Mexican rice and a double portion of three-cheese blend, melt it in the steamer, and add white onion and sour cream before rolling it up. Go »

Happy Birthday, Chris!

Erik yes they are. I got to go visit my nephew and he's always a blast. Go »