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13-VII-2019 or Inappropriate Humor

Good day. I am still really exhausted from my work trip, so another short one. If I were to say only the punchline of an inappropriate joke, assuming said punchline was not itself inappropriate in this out of context way, would it be the same as if I had said the joke?...

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Happy Belated, Samir!

Happy belated Birthday Go »

Vexing Volumes

I had great expectations for Robrt Bly's, Iron John. I blame me, not him necessarily, for being generally disappointed in it. Go »

This is Us

I think the myth of white innocence is an important thing to consider and challenge, but yes, it's closely related to the bigger myth of American innocence. Go »

We Built This City

I hear this song at my job every once in awhile. Looking forward to it Go »

Happy Birthday Erik

Thanks, Samir. Not to be a downer in a birthday celebration thread, but... In the past year, I learned that I have some of the best friends and family I could ever ask for (you all, included). Go »

Scott's Pet Peeve #7510

Haha, yes. I doubt Sony will take that advice, but it's good advice. Way back in the Tobey Maguire years, I used to think that two villains was the right number per picture, if one was the real villain that drove the plot, and the other was only around for one action scene at the beginning. Go »