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10-VII-2017 or Petty Vengeance

Dear Scott Hardie, So. Reading the latest in geek news. Oh, what is this?...

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Scott's Pet Peeve #1013

If we're on the subject of suffixes... I can't stand the use of "-aholic" applied to any substance someone jokingly thinks they're addicted to. Calling oneself a "chocoholic" firstly makes no sense, unless there is something called "chocohol" that I Go »

Trouble the Water

Meh, I've tried it a few times. I miss the sweet flavor of soda. I've tried adding Mio and other sweeteners to water too, and I can never seem to get the mix quite right; it's either too sweet or not sweet enough, and doesn't taste right. I can't drink ju Go »

Happy Birthday, Chris!

Thanks Samir! it was a good one. Hope all is well with you Go »

What's on the ol' boob tube?

Full list to come, but I have massive overlap with Scott (less with Erik because of my reality phobia though we like similar sitcoms). That said, I'd recommend these shows you're not apparently watching: The Americans Halt and Catch Fire Fargo Th Go »

Star Trek: Discovery

The third episode is even stronger than the first two. This is just the shot in the arm that the stodgy old Trek franchise needed. It feels as refreshing as DS9 did once upon a time, and for similar reasons. Go »

Happy Birthday Kelly

She'll appreciate this. :-) She's currently driving home from Mattoon, Illinois after a week visiting family and friends. Escaping the power outage after the hurricane was just an added bonus. Go »