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Web Junkie

Thanksgiving Memories

This year, as I stood with my nephew staring at the turkey carcass following its carving, I shared with him an anecdote about Thanksgiving when I was his age. I grew up in a fairly poor household but we always had turkey for the holiday. But it was a bit of an extravagance for us so my mother was committed to getting everything the bird had to offer....

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Singularity Sensation

A truly beautiful mind. I'm in my third reading of A Brief History of Time and highly recommend Black Holes and Baby Universes. Remarkable, witty, and possessing an accelerated sense of irony. I miss him already. Go »

March Madness Bracket Challenge

I'm in, very quickly since I'm short on time. Thanks for setting this up, Erik! Go »

The Daylight Savings Time is Now

A completely inane concept that has long passed its supposed benefits. Go »


Credit where credit is due - Rick Scott is actually trying to do something: Go »

Every Day the 14th

Do you have a favorite tradition for Valentine's Day? Go »

Dexter and Pebbles

I have no doubt that some people do legitimately need such animals. I haven't really tried using a hamster to cope through life's cruelties, so who am I to judge? But simultaneously, I very much doubt that most of the airline passengers (and restaurant-go Go »