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Things Remembered

When I was in kindergarten, a girl brought a doll to class. It was so pretty that even the boys liked it. Everyone played with it but I was the one who broke it....

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MCU Project: Where to Watch the Rare Titles

Local libraries: inadvertently supporting piracy for decades. Go »

Are Gooed Pictures Worth Any Words?

[hidden by request] Go »

2021 Year in Review on Clubhouse

Some of you know I'm on Clubhouse and the Movie Club will be discussing "...the biggest box office releases, best streaming content and our favorite entertainment moments from 2021". Go »

MCU Project: Crossovers

Hah! Yeah - more important things to worry about, my friend. Go »

2021 in Film

LOL I don't have a system, that's why I missed some films! I'll have to bother to make an IMDB account, lol. Go »

Netflix: Money Heist

Ok I'm on season four and it is slipping more and more into telenovela area. Oh man. Go »