How well do you know famous actors, musicians, athletes, newsmakers, and other celebrities? In Celebrity Goo Game, a distorted photograph of a famous person (a "goo") is published daily, along with a few hints. Guess correctly and you'll enter the monthly competition, where each winner earns a gift-card prize.

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It's safe to say that when he conquered England to the north and established a dynasty that produced four more monarchs, his invading army was not greeted as fondly as the most popular barfly in Cheers.

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Other Current Goos


Along with his "brother" Mike, he dusted off some old samples for Beastie Boys, Beck, and Tyler Durden. Who's the king? Go »


This gallinaceous YouTuber may walk or dance while playing a video game with wings spread high. Go »


This MSNBC host used to be on now, but now she's on tonight, except when she's hosting a documentary mini-series for Showtime or a reality competition for Netflix. Go »


Thank goodness this British author found reasons to stay alive after suffering from depression and anxiety, because his books about Father Christmas and other Humans have become best-sellers. Go »


"Culpae poenae par esto" must have been the warden's motto. This senior White House employee, who was convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice on behalf of his boss, spent his prison term working in a sewage disposal facility. Go »


He was tenacious enough to carry his team into the playoffs, but he was not tougher than the concrete post holding up the hoop. Go »