How well do you know famous actors, musicians, athletes, newsmakers, and other celebrities? In Celebrity Goo Game, a distorted photograph of a famous person (a "goo") is published daily, along with a few hints. Guess correctly and you'll enter the seasonal competition, where the eventual winner earns a gift-card prize.

Today's Goo


The slogan is "old country store," not "whole country store."

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Other Current Goos


This 83-year old Scotsman became quite popular as a Russian Uncle in the sixties and, in recent years, has gained renewed international recognition and popularity as a Ducky Doctor. Go »


This born New Yorker ran for a Congressional seat in 2006, and just like a psychic, he has predicted presidential elections for 32 years, even Donald Trump. Go »


He wrote about angry grapes, rodents and humans, and Eden's neighbors. Go »


Royal he may have been, but he received world-wide attention because of his aquatic assassination. Go »


This gluttonous governor once seemed like a prime contender for 2016, before scandals about bridges and beaches became his legacy. Go »


Proper direction and good conduct pays off, winning a Grammy for a dark city. Go »