How well do you know famous actors, musicians, athletes, newsmakers, and other celebrities? In Celebrity Goo Game, a distorted photograph of a famous person (a "goo") is published daily, along with a few hints. Guess correctly and you'll enter the seasonal competition, where the eventual winner earns a gift-card prize.

Today's Goo


She might not have received top billing when appearing with Spider-Man or dinosaurs or a couple of nice guys, but she'll always be number one on her birthday.

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Other Current Goos


When you're dancing on the biggest stage in sports while wearing a fish costume, it's easy to forget whether to turn left or turn right with the beat. Go »


Her advocacy for charter schools led her to direct funding for all schools. Go »


This actor and former football player weathered the storm on his first Apollo mission. Go »


He began with the longest and ended with the shortest, but know that his image will always be the first. Go »


What did he do to destabilize central Africa? HBO was afraid to say. Go »


It's not his fault he's the biggest and the strongest. He doesn't even exercise. Go »