The following list shows all changes made within the last year. All entries are written by Scott Hardie.

December 1, 2018: I fixed a bug that made a lucky cat unavailable to anyone else after it had gone seven days unused with one owner. At different points in the fall season, Chairo, Ao, and Kuro became unavailable this way. I will keep an eye on the cats in the winter season to make sure that the problem does not reoccur.

November 30, 2018: The Pagoda will withhold the winner announcement on the last day of a season if there are pending guesses. I just tweaked it so that it only considers pending guesses made before midnight when the season ended. (At the end of the Summer 2018 season, a pending guess made an hour after the end of the season, and thus irrelevant to the outcome, caused the page to withhold the winner announcement for hours until I woke up in the morning and processed that guess.)

October 14, 2018: Activism is now a distinct category, broken off from Humanitarianism.

October 13, 2018: I added better error-handling in the image search in the Create a Goo page. The API that I use will upgrade in a couple of days, and I've done everything I can to prepare for it, but if you start seeing errors there on Monday or Tuesday, that's why.

October 6, 2018: I fixed a bug that would show you "Unsolved Goo" subscription data for a goo that you created and thus cannot solve. Thanks for letting me know, Erik!

September 28, 2018: Current goos once again show the points available per goo, not counting bonuses like Shiro. Thanks for the suggestion, Chris!

September 14, 2018: I fixed a bug preventing some goos from publishing on schedule at midnight, which happened twice this week.

September 2, 2018: Per discussion in TC, we have switched back to the pagoda and lucky cats scoring system, rather than badges.

September 1, 2018: On the final day of each season, the Current Goos page will now announce at the top that there is a winner.

July 21, 2018: I added goo numbers and (where applicable) goo creators to the list of Solo Solutions, following up on a discussion about consecutive solo solutions.

April 28, 2018: The Advanced Rules have been amended: I will disallow any guess for a fictional character who is strongly associated with or based on the real person who is the right answer (like guesses of Emily Rose for Annaliese Michel).

February 23, 2018: The 2018 inducee to the Hall of Fame is LaVonne Lemler. Congrats, LaVonne!

February 23, 2018: I have fixed the slowdown when loading the Player Achievements page, which used to take 15-20 seconds to open.

February 12, 2018: I fixed a bug exposing the answers to current goos in an obscure corner of Celebrity Goo Game, and reviewed site code to ensure that there are no other cases of this bug. I have also checked the patterns of players guessing to see if it looks like anyone discovered this bug and took advantage of it, but it doesn't look like anyone did, so I don't think it's necessary to take any further steps at this time. (I discovered this bug days ago while I was out of town and unable to fix it, and it felt so awkward to have to ignore such a major bug until I could get home, but I had no choice.)

February 12, 2018: I fixed a bug preventing new goos from publishing at midnight. Today's goo is now visible.

February 4, 2018: For the next 20 days, Celebrity Goo Game will count down the 20 most influential goos in its history, culminating with the game's 20th anniversary on February 23. After you solve each goo in the theme, refresh the page to see why that goo was important in the game's history.

Changes to Celebrity Goo Game are sometimes mentioned on the Funeratic News page instead, when they're part of site-wide alterations.


Players sometimes talk about the game in Tragic Comedy, the discussion area of Funeratic. The following discussions about Celebrity Goo Game happened within the last six months:

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