The following list shows all changes made within the last year. All entries are written by Scott Hardie.

January 16, 2022: I changed the theme description on each goo to blue instead of yellow, to contrast against the yellow highlighting of new content.

January 14, 2022: In the Create a Goo page, I updated the example of President Trump with President Biden.

November 27, 2021: On the Current Scores page, player names and goo names now link to their pages, and if you don't have any points yet, the page shows a message about it rather than drawing an empty chart of points earned.

November 26, 2021: There is no longer a delay between two goos by the same creator. However, the site will prefer to publish goos by a variety of creators (see TC for more info). I also fixed some out-of-date text about goos being worth different points per difficulty.

October 15, 2021: I fixed a bug causing the sidebar not to load on the Current Goos page when the same player created all seven current goos. Thanks for helping me to discover this by creating seven goos in a row, Chris. :-)

September 29, 2021: Podcasts is now a distinct category.

August 29, 2021: A new scoring system debuts today with the Fall 2021 season. See more information in Tragic Comedy.

April 10, 2021: In the Advanced Rules, I added clarifying text to the "descriptive phrase" rule: If the clue mentions that the celebrity is the wife of John Doe, then a guess of "Mrs. John Doe" is considered a descriptive phrase.

Changes to Celebrity Goo Game are sometimes mentioned on the Funeratic News page instead, when they're part of site-wide alterations.


Players sometimes talk about the game in Tragic Comedy, the discussion area of Funeratic. The following discussions about Celebrity Goo Game happened within the last six months:

Are Gooed Pictures Worth Any Words? (last comment: January 7, 2022)
"[hidden by request]" more…

The End of Difficulty? (last comment: December 6, 2021)
"Someone (who I won't name but may identify themselves if they wish) sent me a private message suggesting that the difficulty estimate per celebrity goo is no longer needed and should be eliminated, since the points per goo no longer take it into account." more…

Fall 2021 (last comment: December 3, 2021)
"The new scoring system is live. Please share any comments, questions, concerns, bug reports, or other feedback with me any time." more…

Summer 2021 (last comment: September 3, 2021)
"Congrats on the solo solution, Russ! That was a tough goo." more…

Winter 2021 (last comment: August 6, 2021)
"Well, that's not a great way to start off the season. For the Greg Kelly goo, the same wrong guess kept coming in, from one player after another." more…