For each celebrity goo solved, players earn two kinds of points.

Normal Points can be seen by anyone. You earn N points for solving the Nth goo of the season.

Bonus Points can be seen only by you. You earn a random number of points from 1 to 50 for each solve.

On the final day of each season (September 3), everyone's secret bonus points will be revealed. Whoever has earned the most overall points will be declared the champion and win a prize! See How to Play for more information.


Player Normal Points Bonus Points Current Score
Steve West 528 ? ?
Russ Wilhelm 497 ? ?
Samir Mehta 414 ? ?
Chris Lemler 325 ? ?
Richard Slominsky 321 ? ?
LaVonne Lemler 181 ? ?
Rafik Moyo 57 ? ?
Scott Horowitz 56 ? ?
Erik Bates 19 ? ?

Your Points

Solve a goo to start earning points.