Welcome to Funeratic, an online community featuring games, contests, a discussion forum, weblogs, movie reviews, and more. This policy explains how personal information about members is collected. The site is run by Scott Hardie.


Participation in the site requires use of your real first and last name. This is a community in which members develop relationships with one another, and anonymous handles are not welcome. Scott understands the desire of some visitors to remain anonymous, and invites them to participate in the thousands of other sites out there that don't require their names. Accounts with aliases and nonsense names are created regularly and Scott deletes them.


Your email address is required during registration because it's the only way to reset your password if you get locked out. Since Funeratic is not a business, nor does it have partnerships with any businesses (Scott runs this site entirely out-of-pocket), we have no spam to send you. You will only receive Funeratic-related emails under three circumstances:
1) You opt in to one of the email notifications triggered automatically by an event on the site.
2) You have won a prize in one of the contests on the site, to be delivered by email in the form of an online gift card.
3) You forget your password and ask to reset it.


Your password is stored using strong encryption. It is never loaded into cookies or other browser memory.

Phone Number

You can opt to set your phone number on the Account Options page, along with your wireless carrier. This information is used exclusively for sending SMS messages in the event that you separately opt into receiving them via the Manage Subscriptions page. Your phone number will never be sold nor revealed to third parties, and you will receive no text messages from Funeratic except for those that you specifically request by category.

Mailing Address

You can choose to record your mailing address in the Account Options page. It will be used solely to provide any physical prizes won in Funeratic's games and contests. It will only be provided to the business fulfilling the prize (such as the trophy shop that is to manufacture and ship the trophy to you), not to any third party.

Photograph and Personal Info

Other than gender pronouns, we collect only what personal information you submit in your options. Likewise, we only use your photograph if you send one. You can change or remove your photograph and personal info at any time. If you wish to use gender pronouns not available in the form, please contact Scott for assistance.

IP Address

Your IP address is collected only for comparison against other members, to prevent fraudulent duplicate accounts.

Cookies and Security

Cookies are created during registration that keep you logged in and identify your unique device. No personal information is stored in the cookies, nor are they accessible to any other website or service. The site has no advertising that could read or take advantage of the cookie data.

After registration, there is an option to store account login information in a user session instead of a cookie, for members who prefer stronger security.

This site exclusively uses a secure connection over HTTPS, provided by Let's Encrypt.

Permanent Record

To preserve the integrity of game records and site archives, there will remain a permanent record of your participation even after you close your account and delete your personal info. If you would like to request permanent removal of your name from the site, please contact Scott.

Browsing Behavior

A timestamp of the last time you visited a page is recorded so that the page can visibly highlight new content the next time you return. This information is privately recorded and used solely by the site, never shared or made available.

If you arrived at Funeratic from an outside website, the originating URL is logged along with the first page that you reached. This is recorded only in aggregate (ie. "Facebook delivered 30 visitors to Funeratic's homepage"), not per individual person.