Scott Hardie
Green Destiny Music


Justin Woods
Tweek Productions


British Invasion: The British are coming! And they have bloody well mastered the American art form of rock and roll, judging from how many of them dominate the highest ranks of this game. This theme features artists native to the United Kingdom.

Trade Rule

Unknown: You have not unlocked this rule yet.

Play Rules

no play rules


This challenge was declined by Justin.

Turn Log

Challenge: Scott issued the challenge on March 21, 2015.

Declined: Justin declined to play on March 22, 2015.


Justin Woods | March 22

Sorry I am unable to get 11 with these cards.

Scott Hardie | March 22

It looks like you can add up 7-1-1-1-1, but I won't blame you at all if you don't want to decline instead of attempting to win with that combination. :-) I wouldn't have offered if I had known it would be so lopsided for you.

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