Richard Slominsky
RR Records


Joanna Woods
Shorty Records

Trade Rule

Unknown: You have not unlocked this rule yet.

Play Rules

no play rules


This concert timed out on Richard's turn, making Joanna the winner.

Turn Log

Start: This concert began automatically on May 23, 2015.

Turn 1: Joanna played Unknown Artist to Downstage Left on May 24, 2015.

Turn 2: Richard played Unknown Artist to Stage Left on May 27, 2015. Unknown Artist were captured at Downstage Left.

Turn 3: Joanna played Unknown Artist to Upstage Left on May 27, 2015. Unknown Artist were captured at Stage Left.


Unknown Artist (R1, 2 1 3 1)UpstageUpstage Right
Unknown Artist (R1, 1 2 3 1)Center StageStage Right
Unknown Artist (R1, 2 3 1 1)DownstageDownstage Right

Richard's Unplayed Artists

Unknown Artist (R2, 4 3 2 1)Unknown Artist (R2, 2 2 3 3)Unknown Artist (R1, 1 4 1 1)Unknown Artist (R1, 3 1 1 2)

Joanna's Unplayed Artists

Unknown Artist (R2, 3 1 3 3)Unknown Artist (R2, 3 1 2 4)Unknown Artist (R1, 2 2 1 2)


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