Chris Lemler
Disc golf freak


Aaron Shurtleff
Ca$h Cow Records


We Built This City: Inspired by Starship's catchy 1985 hit, Rock Block's fall 2019 tournament celebrates the game's fifth anniversary by collecting locations from rock history. (more info)

City Location

In the fall tournament, the winner of this concert got to build Run's House (Run-D.M.C.) in their city.

Trade Rule

Unknown: You have not unlocked this rule yet.

Play Rules

Unknown: You have not unlocked this rule yet.

Unknown: You have not unlocked this rule yet.


This concert timed out on Aaron's turn, making Chris the winner.

Turn Log

Start: This concert began automatically on September 30, 2019.


Upstage LeftUpstageUpstage Right
Stage LeftCenter StageStage Right
Downstage LeftDownstageDownstage Right

Chris's Unplayed Artists

Unknown Artist (R8, 9 6 5 8)Unknown Artist (R5, 9 6 2 2)Unknown Artist (R5, 4 6 6 3)Unknown Artist (R3, 4 4 2 3)Unknown Artist (R2, 2 3 2 3)

Aaron's Unplayed Artists

Unknown Artist (R9, 8 7 8 8)Unknown Artist (R6, 6 4 8 4)Unknown Artist (R4, 5 3 5 3)Unknown Artist (R2, 3 2 2 3)Unknown Artist (R2, 4 2 1 3)


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