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October 12, 2018: Disaster strikes for Scott when an OS update scrambles his computer's hard drive, with no backup of the files. A hired professional cannot restore the contents. Except for what's online at the time, Funeratic's entire 22-year history is gone: Whole sections of the site like Pirate Paradise and The Weekly Curiosity are lost, as well as all photos and screenshots and saved backups of the site dating back to its very first version. Scott is distraught, and mad at himself for the series of mistakes that led to this event, but he has no choice but to go ahead with what survives online from the web server. Further complicating the mess is that Scott is left without a computer for over a month, unable to do anything but basic maintenance on Funeratic until his new machine is finally set up. He immediately schedules automatic backups on the new machine, and pleads with site members not to make the mistakes that he made.


April 14, 2019: After nearly ten years, Gothic Earth finally comes to an end. The very last adventure sees the heroes exploring Sarah Winchester's labyrinthine mansion in California, its moving chambers making up an enormous 138-room puzzle that takes the players months to unravel, with each new chamber revisiting another moment from earlier in the campaign. Former player Jeremiah Poisson returns, joining fellow players Aaron Shurtleff, Evie Totty, Jeff Coopes, Kelly Lee, and Wes Bryant in the final chapter. In the end, the heroes can alter the very universe as they see fit, and at Aaron's suggestion, they relegate their super-powered villains like Dracula and Frankenstein to works of fiction, making their world into our own. Scott leaves the Gothic Earth section of Funeratic online for a few months afterwards, to give players and any other interested parties a final chance to review the decade-long campaign. Celebrity Goo Game runs a two-week "Gothic Goodbye" theme featuring the historical authors who most influenced the game.


April 21, 2019: Just as superheroes have taken over the local movie theater, so too do they dominate Thorough Movie Reviews. In the "Best Movies of the Year" feature, Funeratic members consistently vote for superhero films, putting 3-5 of them on the list for several years in a row, including the top position in 2016 and 2018. Lengthy discussions spring up spontaneously after reviews of such films as Spider-Man: Far from Home. The trend culminates in the site's longest movie discussion by far, a months-long conversation about Avengers: Endgame that more than doubles the previous record for most comments. With superhero-movie actors turning up as celebrity goos and discussions about Marvel TV shows turning up on Tragic Comedy, the entire site seems consumed by the trend.


June 3, 2019: Rock Block celebrates two anniversaries with an entirely new kind of tournament format. First, in the summer tournament, Rock Block celebrates the 50th anniversary of Woodstock by recreating the festival. With each win in concert, players get to "attend" another performance from Woodstock via video clip, collecting a list of performances. The first player to collect all 33 performances will win. Scott Hardie pulls ahead of the pack early, but Steve West eventually triumphs. On the game's fifth anniversary in September, the "collecting" format returns, this time drawing inspiration from "We Built This City" by Starship: Players are mayors of rock-and-roll villages, which they must build into metropolises by constructing locations from rock history like Hotel California, Rock & Roll High School, Blueberry Hill, and more. The first player to collect all 100 locations, a months-long task, would win. Steve West takes a commanding early lead, but ultimately, Scott Hardie goes on to win.


June 24, 2019: Sometimes Funeratic affects real life, and sometimes it's the other way around: Some of Aaron Shurtleff's co-workers in entomology discover his blog MiracleASSassin, which he has kept up sporadically since 2006, and convince him to write more. Rather than being bothered by it, Aaron accepts the challenge, and begins writing more frequently throughout the summer. His co-worker Shaun Creasey even joins the site in order to comment on Aaron's blog posts. Aaron writes about a lot more than just insects, but across all of his varied topics, there's one constant: Naming a "song of the day" that suits his topic at hand or just general interest. He does not, however, choose a song by the Beatles, or the Bee Gees, or Iron Butterfly.

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