Here are the new items added on Funeratic's latest anniversary.

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September 10, 2018: After living for years on the Florida coast without any signs of a major storm, Scott's luck runs out as the massive Hurricane Irma roars across the entire state overnight. Kelly and Scott evacuate to a shelter with their cat and a few supplies, and Scott uses Tragic Comedy to help alleviate the boredom and provide updates on their condition, trying to stay upbeat under the circumstances. Once the storm is past, Scott continues to use Funeratic to keep his sanity while waiting almost a week for the power to be turned back on. It's a difficult event, made more bearable by the human connections on Funeratic.


December 2, 2017: Rock Block's tournaments, when there are enough players to hold them, have been won exclusively by Steve West, the most dominant player in the game. But the varying rule structure of tournaments creates an opportunity for someone else to get ahead. In the "Hit Me with Your Best Shot" tournament, named after Pat Benatar's propulsive 1980 hit song, each player starts with ten targets. For each victory in concert, a player can hit another player's target. Each player is eliminated when all ten of his or her targets have been hit, with the last player left becoming the winner. Steve is the first player eliminated in this format, with Scott close behind him, followed by Matthew Preston and Chris Lemler. In the end, it is Erik Bates who wins, unlocking a play rule and gaining bragging rights as only the second person to become a champion in the game. The format proves popular and is repeated in 2018 with a similar tournament based on AC/DC's "Shoot to Thrill."


February 4, 2018: For Celebrity Goo Game's 20th anniversary, Scott decides to revisit the past: He recreates the 20 goos that he believes have been the most influential on the game, such as those that inspired new rules and new features in the game. This includes the first goo created by a player (Jackie Mason's Aaron Burr), the first goo to be part of a theme (Penélope Cruz), the first goo inspired by current events (Elián González), the last fictional goo (Long John Silver), and more. It culminated on the game's 20th anniversary by recreating the very first goo (LL Cool J), 20 years to the day from its first publication. Not every goo was popular (the theme required revisiting some of the least liked and least solvable goos to remember why the game stopped publishing goos like those), but by and large it was a hit, a landmark celebration worthy of the occasion.

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