Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

I guess I would call this comedy an "interesting failure." It wasn't very funny for long stretches, and much of the scenes felt like padding the running time by coming up with something - anything - else for the main character to be afraid of. Even in the final act, when it gained momentum and got funnier, it did so by transforming itself into a more conventional genre thriller, like in Adaptation except that that movie was trying to make a point. Simon Pegg throws himself into this character with dedication, and his manic energy helps because he's the only character on screen for much of the film, but there just aren't enough good jokes to make it successful as a comedy, and it's too weird to be anything else. Future cult movie? I could imagine that.

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Scott Hardie: I don't think I got my point across that this movie is weird. It involves hallucinations and animated cutaways and for significant portions is about a madman raving to himself in the dark. It's not a very funny comedy, but it does achieve a level of strangeness that few major releases do. That's what I meant by the "interesting" part of the interesting failure. − May 18, 2014 • more by Scott

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