A Haunting in Georgia
This chilling docudrama chronicles the tale of 4-year-old Heidi Wyrick (played by Kelsey Lowenthal) and her seemingly imaginary friends, Mr. Gordy and Con -- who may be more than just harmless invisible playmates. When Heidi divulges disturbing details about her two chums to her parents, they chalk it up to an overactive imagination -- until other family members begin to have supernatural encounters, with the physical marks to prove it.

Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

This made-for-cable documentary about the famous Heidi Wyrick haunting feels like Unsolved Mysteries: The Movie, lacking only Robert Stack's soothing narration to be complete. It even has post-commercial recaps every ten minutes! Not one moment of the story is true, but it's very compelling all the same, one of the best American ghost stories of recent vintage, and the movie is at its best when simply bringing the creepier moments to life via re-enactment. When it grasps at straws for a pseudo-scientific explanation or pads the running time by exploring the region's supposedly haunted history, the movie becomes laughably bad. Still, it seems considerably better than the three-ring circus that Hollywood turned the same story into when they got their hands on it.

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