A Very Long Engagement
Amelie's Audrey Tautou stars as Mathilde, a young Frenchwoman who vows to find out what happened to her missing fiancé (Gaspard Ulliel) during World War I. He appears to have died after a court-martial, but she needs to know for sure. As she looks for the truth, she discovers unexpected things about herself and the people she meets along the way. Jean-Pierre Jeunet directs this foreign-language adaptation of Sebastien Japrisot's novel.

Scott Hardie: “It ruled.”

Having already expressed my opinion in my Ten Best Films article about the movie, I would like to say further only that I am continually fascinated for the variations that Jean-Pierre Jeunet keeps doing on his work. His films have a sameness about them, most directly because he tends to work with the same cast and crew every time, but in each there is new depth beneath the voluptuous surface. At this point I would see a Pokémon movie if Jeunet directed it. "A Very Long Engagement" is among his best to date and should not be missed.

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