Scott Hardie: “It ruled.”

So far on opening weekend, I see a bit of a backlash against this movie in popular and critical opinion. Perhaps Marvel has made too many good entertainments and set the bar too high, or perhaps we're all just fatigued by the hype machine. Yes, the movie feels a little rushed; the quieter character moments that Josh Whedon was hired for in the first place have been trimmed from the final cut by the studio. But it's otherwise everything that a superhero team-up movie should be, a chance to see these disparate characters bounce off of each other (figuratively and literally) in a bigger adventure than any would undertake alone. The action is plentiful and very satisfying, particularly a Hulk vs Iron Man face-off, and there's no shortage of humor either, especially in the twisted inflection that James Spader adds to his line readings. I appreciated the Marvel in-jokes, the sense of enormity in the final act, the complexity that enlivened a clichéd villain, and the surprises that weren't spoiled for me by the aforementioned hype machine. Here's looking forward to the ongoing parade of more Marvel movies.

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Erik Bates: “It was ok.”

The Ultron-as-God allegory was odd for me. Other than that, the movie is pretty forgettable.

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Scott Hardie: Agreed. This came out six months ago against a massive wave of promotion and buzz, and it already feels forgotten. − December 26, 2015 • more by Scott

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