Bag of Bones
Reeling from the sudden death of his wife, author Mike Noonan moves into his backwoods writing retreat, only to be swept up in a supernatural conspiracy that involves a custody battle over a young girl and a vengeful ghost that haunts his house.

Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

Meh. If you sign up for a Stephen King film adaptation directed by Mick Garris, you're in for a certain level of cheesiness and phoniness, with futile attempts to shock the audience. The better ones (like The Stand) cohere into something genuinely creepy that compels you to keep watching to see where it's all going. The failures (like Sleepwalkers) are terribly awkward, remembered only for egregious missteps.

This one isn't a complete failure, but it never quite takes off, either. Pierce Brosnan is miscast, seeming too smart to make such dumb mistakes in character, and unable to strike the right emotional tone. The special effects are especially bad, but this was on basic cable, I guess. This might be palatable to fans of even minor King adaptations, but to anyone else it's not worth seeing. It's not even King's best ghost story: Mick Garris's version of The Shining pales in comparison to Stanley Kubrick's, but it's better than this.

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