Bottoms Up
Captivated by the Hollywood scene, a Midwestern bartender travels west and winds up working for a gossip show. Now, to uncover the dirt on a celebrity, he buddies up to the actor's friend and gets not only the inside scoop, but so much more.

Scott Hardie: “It sucked.”

Jason Mewes: "De Niro who?"
Paris Hilton: "I think I'm going to cry."
Jason Mewes: "I have that effect on women."

Bad-movie junkies found a dream come true in this romantic comedy pairing the hotel-chain princess with the guy who plays Jay of Jay & Silent Bob. It's a perfect-storm of cinematic badness, full of homophobia and shit jokes, starring two people whose main facial expression is visible strain at trying to remember their Dick-and-Jane lines. Kevin Smith appears long enough for a loud fart joke, and it's his nepotism that has led to godawful productions like this and 2002's worst film Vulgar, since he leverages his success into starring vehicles for his talentless stoner buddies. Edited without breaks between scenes and featuring the "actors" wearing what looks like their own clothes, this is precisely the nuclear-grade disaster it seems.

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