As her publisher father lies in the hospital after a heart attack, free-spirited travel writer Pippa McGee agrees to help him run the family business. But the serial bachelorette balks when she learns she'll run a wedding magazine.

Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

Has it come to this? When I rent a straight-to-DVD flick in which Heather Graham plays a free-spirited wedding-magazine editor named Pippa McGee, I expect to see a train wreck worthy of being called the worst film of the year, so I can go back to Steven Spielberg and Ang Lee movies until next winter. But no: This film, shrill and vacuous though it is, has fleeting moments of wit and – loathe though I am to say it – charm. I can't even honestly call it a bad movie, not that I didn't fast-forward through the phony redemption and lovey-dovey scenes inspired by Screenwriting 101. If Heather Graham is eager to extend her streak of awful movies, she need only combine her "talent" with Uwe Boll to produce a film so incalculably horrible that FEMA will have to be dispatched to theaters showing it. In the meantime, congratulations to the makers of Cake for attaining a minimal level of mediocrity.

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