Comic Book: The Movie
Don Swan (Mark Hamill) attends a comic book convention (Comic-con in San Diego, Calif.) to film a documentary featurette about a popular comic book that looks to break out and become a major movie blockbuster. But the studio doesn't know that Swan is obsessed with the comic book and has his own peculiar plans for the documentary. Bruce Campbell, Stan Lee, Kevin Smith and a host of others make cameo appearances.

Scott Hardie: “It sucked.”

Why do vanity projects so often make their stars look bad? Hamill seems to forget that Courage is a MacGuffin, and the late scenes, where the protagonist stands up for Courage, must be about the protagonist. But the man has already been established throughout the film as clueless, boring, and out-of-touch. In other words, what’s the fucking point of the entire third act of the film? This fake documentary is so poorly made (the cameraman is a constant presence on screen) and jarringly cross-cut that maybe it’s not worth asking. The many cameos provide fleeting relief, thank Hamill for that.

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