While on a hunting trip in the Maine woods, four boyhood pals who share a telepathic bond discover that the region is plagued by parasitic aliens. Now, to stop the extraterrestrial invasion, they'll have to tap into their psychic powers.

Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

Not since “Snow Falling on Cedars” has such beautiful cinematography graced such a mediocre film. It ends as a terrible monster movie (this being the umpteenth film to change Stephen King’s original ending for the worse), but it’s got a decent beginning, with humor, mystery and a genuine feel to the friendships, not to mention a great opening credits sequence. The failure is in the ridiculous material itself; this is probably the best possible movie that could be made about giant rectum-dwelling leeches. King now lacks the imagination and Kasdan now lacks the heart, and they bring each other down.

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