Lori Lancaster: “It ruled.”

Unlike most movies based off of popular tv series, this did not have the feel of "Elongated TV Episode."
We are treated to having views of how things are going on in both of the worlds. We see where some of the characters in Amestris (Ed's homeworld) are now, and how they are doing. Not so much so that it distracts. Just to see that, truely, everyone still seems to be connected and life did go on for most. Yet some are still burdened by guilt.

One of the interesting things in the movie is the bits of history that are injected into it. Having taken a few years of German class when I was in school, I was already familiar with a decent amount of what was going on it the country at this point in history. As well, the history channel has often made mentioned and showcased instances of Hitler's fascination with occult and items of mythilogical value.

In anycase, I do not want to say too much in case you might want to see it. Below, is a tad bit more information, but it gives a big spoiler for the Television Series. Which, incidently, is very much worth watching.

A little background information:

At the end of the TV series, we were left with Edward Elric, being seperated from everything he's ever known and loved in the "Real World." For those who recognized the events, during World War I in Europe. His brother Alphonse had finally gotten his body back. Besides the fact that Ed was on the other side of the Gate now, his younger brother also ended up with a type of Amnesia. Basically the last several years that he spent running around with Ed looking for the Philospher's Stone, were offered up as an unknown sacrifice.

The Movie:
The start of the movie goes back in time, to a point where Ed and Al (who was at this point still a spirit entrapped within a metal body) were still together and attempting to stop a mad scientist who had just created a vile weapon. The brothers dispose of him. It is then mentioned that no one ever heard from him again. Then we shoot back towards the present seeing that Ed is in a car with someone who looks surprisingly a like to his younger brother Alphonse. After having car troubles, they end up hitching a ride with a band of traveling Gypsy Ladies who are going to the Carnival. Which, incidently works out great for these two since Alphonse (Heiderich) is part of a group that is showcasing a rocket there. Little does Ed know though that this would ultimately lead to a whole lot of trouble. Thusly, does the FMA movie begin.
They are currently in Munich and the year is 1923.

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