Jackie Mason: “It ruled.”

(possible spoilers) This movie is a typical Will Smith action blockbuster. Which, honestly, is his best genre. Set in modern day LA, Hancock is not your average superhero. He's a depressed drunkard whose attempts to save the day are met with criticism rather than praise. The town is sick of him and he is sick of him. Enter Jason Bateman, un upbeat PR specialist who specializes in philanthropy and is determined to turn Hancock into a superhero of Superman caliber after he saves his life. His wife, played by Charlize Theron seems to have a mysterious connection to Hancock, although she won't let on and Hancock can't remember what the connection is anyway.

The movie starts off as more of an action comedy with Will Smith style Mr. Cool humor. But when the connection between he and Theron's character, Mary, is revealed, then you get the makings of a true superhero movie. I only wish there was more knowledge of the back ground story. Usually for a Batman or Spiderman flick, I can turn to Will to fill me in on the background of the comic. I would have liked to have had more info on the genesis of the superhero characters, but it is explained as well as it can be in the time frame and with emotion. The key villian is a little under developed. He does have a deformity, and he does acquire henchmen (fellow inmates whose crimes were thwarted by Hancock thus landing them in jail). Mostly though, Hancock follows tradional, very basic Superhero genre formulas and updates it to a more laid back modern day attitude.

I wouldn't put it up there wih other superhero movies, but it is a good family film. I enjoyed it.

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