Set at a Spanish resort, Intacto tells the story of a World War II concentration camp survivor, Samuel (Max von Sydow), who lives in the basement of a casino and has a supernatural ability to acquire good luck -- which he can give, take, sell or gamble for others. As the story begins, he steals luck from an earthquake survivor, Federico, who then vows revenge on Samuel. A series of strange mind games of luck and intrigue follow.

Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

I really wanted to like this movie. The concept of a 'luck thief' is intriguing, and the screenplay comes up with devilish tests of luck for the various contestants. But, as with comedy, you can't make an effective thriller without a pulse. Scene after scene drags on pointlessly, and a subplot about a cop on the survivor's trail begins to irritate for constantly interrupting the main action. The final moments are meant to be the most intriguing, but by then the audience is exhausted.

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