Kickin' It Old Skool
Awakening after 20 years in a coma that resulted from a break-dancing accident, Justin discovers that his parents have big medical bills -- and he tries to save the day by entering himself and his friends in a dance competition.

Amy Austin: “It was ok.”

Okay. Clear sign I'm spending *way* too much late-night/early-morning TV-watching time, I know...

Yes, this movie actually deserves to suck for being the lamest reason/excuse/"plotline" to bring back the 80s, ever... but I still had to upgrade it anyway for bringing back the 80s in some of the stupidest/funniest lameness ever. If you want to feel a little bit old while taking a good chuckle-spotted moon walk down memory lane, then this movie isn't a *total* waste. After all, I had all but forgotten about tight-rolling (a memory traumatically blocked by my lifelong curse of having cankles, no doubt... but I see that Katie Holmes recently got a good dose of Internet-raking for try to initiate a jean pegging comeback... ha!).

Highlights that saved this piece of crap from total suckitude include some pretty chuckle-worthy Karate Kid jokes, Bobby Lee's robot training, a pretty decent revival of the art of breaking at the climax of the, um, movie, and... my personal favorite -- a moment that would almost single-handedly propel this tripe into the realm of "It ruled"... if only it weren't for the other 107 minutes of run-time -- the awesomely laugh-worthy cameo appearance of a certain 80s TV-star/stud-turned-international singer/stud-turned-campy Internet/advertising stud. I don't want to give anything away with any spoilers or anything, but... just don't hassle my Hoff -- word!

Certainly no need to go out of your way waiting up for its appearance on cable... but if it just happens to be on in the background and/or you just *really* want to ensure that you're engaged in some highly effective multi-tasker time-slaying while on the computer... well, then this junk-food for the brain can rule at something!

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