Lil' Pimp
A young kid just can't relate to the other children at school or to his mother, so he finds belonging with the city's pimps and prostitutes. But the boy's mother has something to say about her "lil' pimp" -- and it is not good. Worse yet, the corrupt mayor wants to shut down the pimps for evil purposes of his own. This animated film with tons of 'tude features the voices of Bernie Mac, William Shatner, Lil Kim, Ludacris and Rudy Ray Moore.

Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

I'm a stranger to the original Internet shorts, but whatever the subject matter, the phrase "the first feature film to be created entirely in Macromedia Flash" got my attention. I was impressed with the fluidness and forward momentum of the film, knowing that many of the individual shots had to have taken upwards of a day to create. It could have wound up playing a lot more disjointedly than it does. Whatever political-correctness alarms were going off in my head over the adaptation of parasitic, vicious monsters into loveable cartoon characters, I concede that the pimp is becoming an iconic figure in American trash culture, and the film is pleasantly enjoyable once you swallow that bitter pill. A few scenes induce big laughs, especially a violent commercial for an action figure, and the voice actors nail their material, in particular Lil' Kim and Jill Talley. It's too tasteless to recommend, but I can't say it didn't give me a few laughs.

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