Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

Don't let the cover image fool you: That woman is having much more fun than anyone watching the movie could. I suppose it's not the mess it could have been, given that it's another Roger Corman quickie rip-off of "Jaws," but Bradford Dillman's dignified effort to give his hero two dimensions (he never comes close to three) is about as useful as sorting trash in a dumpster. The only possible reason to watch it today – and don't mistake this comment for a recommendation – is to glimpse early work by filmmakers of such later accomplishment as John Sayles, Joe Dante, Jon Davison, Phil Tippett, and then-17-year-old Rob Bottin. If you get bored during the movie, feel free to look them up; almost everything else they've done is better than this production.

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