Poolhall Junkies
Johnny is a brilliant pool shark who thinks his mentor, a shady hustler named Joe, is holding him back. When Johnny decides to break free of Joe and the gambling life, the angry Joe exacts revenge by reeling in Johnny's younger brother.

Scott Hardie: “It sucked.”

Matthew Preston calls them “Fred Flintstone moments,” those squirm-inducing scenes where everything would be all right if the other characters would just give the hero a moment to explain himself instead of telling him what a jerk he is, and this film has plenty. It is also overloaded with clichés, stolen jokes, stolen hustles, obvious pros in the close-up shots, two deus ex machinas, and wall-to-wall macho posturing. Some decent pool and Walken’s fascinating weirdness prevent this from being the zero-star train wreck it should be, but mostly it’s an awkward, obvious showcase for Callahan’s conceited asshole of a protagonist.

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