Red Eye
On a red-eye flight bound for Miami, Lisa learns that a fellow passenger has plans to murder the deputy secretary of Homeland Security -- and that he wants to use her as part of the plot.

Scott Hardie: “It ruled.”

Like the sequel-in-spirit to last year’s overachieving “Cellular,” this low-budget thrill ride plays like a B movie that wants to give you your money’s worth. It’s the kind of the tightly-written little entertainment that ends after it has explored every twist of its simple premise, and the cast and crew clearly enjoyed their work. Cillian Murphy has the looks to play a villain like this but unfortunately his skills leave something to be desired; his cold-hearted rogue feels more like a nuisance than a threat, especially next to the commanding Rachel McAdams, who never loses control of the film from start to finish. It’s a minor, forgettable movie, but a fun ride while it lasts, and it shouldn’t be missed for fans of the genre (or of McAdams).

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