Rock School
At Paul Green's Philadelphia music school for kids, the "three R's" are rhythm and rock 'n' roll, as the energetic ex-rocker teaches kids the essentials of playing, singing and performing rock music. This documentary captures him working with his students, including a talented 12-year-old guitarist who just might be Jimi Hendrix's reincarnation. Green's top band is invited to perform at Zappanale, Germany's annual Frank Zappa cover-band festival.

Scott Hardie: “It ruled.”

Not to be confused with the Jack Black comedy possibly inspired by its real-life subject, this documentary covers a year at the Philadelphia-based Paul Green School of Rock, an after-school program for kids who want to be rock stars. Some of the kids have no talent but are charming anyway, reminiscent of the cherubic standouts from “Spellbound,” but a few of them are remarkably gifted, including an astounding twelve-year-old who whips through one of Van Halen’s most pyrotechnic solos without breaking a sweat. Though Green himself comes off as a personal tyrant mostly interested in the glory of having coached the guitar masters of tomorrow, the movie about him and his school is endearing and full of energy, a pleasure even for audience members who don’t like rock music or cute kids. It’s one of the most fun movies this year.

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