Rory O'Shea Was Here
When Rory O'Shea moves into a home for the disabled with a diagnosis of muscular dystrophy and befriends a deeply bored young man with cerebral palsy, he infuses his pal's life with renewed hope, even as he struggles with his own demons.

Scott Hardie: “It ruled.”

It may be hard to do wrong by material about disabled people finding the courage and spirit to live independently, but such inspirational trifles are not usually as entertaining as this one. Funny in unexpected ways, this witty Irish comedy applies its brain as much as its heart, and seems as awake as most films on the subject are dreamy. I do fault it for having too conventional a storyline and pulling the standard heartstrings in the standard order, but perhaps that's a consequence of its public funding. Whatever its limitations, it manages to pull off a graceful subtlety on the minor points of its story, and it has two excellent lead performances by able-bodied actors who never fail to communicate what they mean even when they don't have real lines to speak. Only the most cynical viewer would fail to enjoy this smart, touching little entertainment.

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