Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

Apparently all her work helping James Bond and training geishas isn't good enough, because Michelle Yeoh still has to slum through horrible straight-to-DVD camp like this to pay the bills. Truth be told, even though the movie's as incredibly stupid as Yeoh looks in her superhero costume, I confess to enjoying it anyway. She plays a millionaire fashion model and cosmetics heiress (!) by day, but by night, she puts a colander on her head and prowls the city on her hi-tech motorcycle, battling incompetent thugs led by a cheap rip-off of the villain from Star Trek: Nemesis, who himself was an expensive rip-off of Billy Corgan. If Yeoh and costar Richie Ren didn't do the whole movie with goofy grins on their faces and a weird innocence, it would be unbearable, but somehow in spite of its lack of decent action and sub-Catwoman moronity it manages to be a silly good time. Don't bother renting it; it's strictly for people who get a grin just seeing Michelle Yeoh on a movie screen.

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