Scott Hardie: “It was ok.”

What could have been an intense thriller or a stylish action flick wound up being neither by trying to be both: Joe Carnahan set out to make the kind of blood-soaked, anything-goes flick that 1970s audiences would see at a drive-in theater, or (ahem) grindhouse theater, but style is not among his strong suits. Weird elements like moronic redneck assassins bringing chainsaws to a gunfight can't play against such a somber, post-9/11 tone. Had Carnahan fully committed himself to making a serious project that suits his nature, he might have had something really sharp like his previous films. Smokin' Aces is entertaining and I liked it in spite of itself, but its jokes fall flat, its plot twists are screamingly obvious, and it's just too slow.

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Tony Peters: I liked smoking aces...I thought the ending was much better than it could have been...actually both endings were better than the movie looked like it was gonna end − August 12, 2007

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